6 Top Budgeting Tips

A recent survey from Netmums showed that 70% of families in Britain are struggling. Changes of income and increased prices in essentials is causing rise in debt as well as stress levels. There are various ways in which you can find help with everyday financial burdens. Joining forums on the internet can offer friendly advice and support, these include ‘Money Saving’, ‘Budgeting and Bargains’ and ‘Money Finance and Entitlements’.

  • Netmums Frugal Living Club – this provides lifestyle tips on frugal living. They also provide an advertising platform for anything you wish to sell.
  • Challenge those bank charges. Many banks can offer refunds and ways of helping you to reduce or eliminate charges. Speak to your bank manager and make an appointment to discuss any help they may be able to offer.
  • Make debts with the highest charges attached be a first priority when managing your financial output.
  • Help with bills. Some charities provide help with utility bills and essential items. Thames Water for example have a customer assistance fund which provides relief for customers in debt.
  • On line companies such as ‘Cash for Clothes’ and ‘Cash for Clothing’ pay a certain amount per kilo for unwanted clothing. Auction sites such as e-bay are also invaluable for higher value items.
  • Budget planning will help you keep in control of your finances, being savvy about where and how you shop will also keep costs down on everyday household items and expenses. Cooking from scratch is a far cheaper way to cook healthy meals for your family than buying convenience foods. Small changes can make all the difference.

Sensible spending is an approach that all of us at PiggyBank are in favour of. We are a payday loan direct lender,  and our service is designed to offer responsible lending to those who are in need of short-term loans and able to pay back within fixed and agreed repayment terms.