7 Alternative Autumn Getaways You Need To Consider!

Was it the suspiciously good weather that made you stay in the UK, or was it the World Cup? Perhaps like many us, it was the eye-watering costs of spending a few days abroad. Either way, there are many of us who didn’t get to take a little trip overseas this summer that would have liked to. But not to worry— here are seven alternative trips that are not only unique, but also won’t break the bank this autumn!


Hungary’s capital is one of the most picturesque budget city breaks in Europe at the moment. Situated on the huge river Danube, this city has more than enough to keep you occupied for up to a week. The incredible architecture of Budapest of Roman, Turkish and Gothic inspiration are some of the best sites, and among this are the number of hot springs and the famous House of Terror museum— which details the relationship between Hungary, Nazi Germany, and The Soviet Union. Budapest is also home to Europe’s largest and most spectacular Synagogue in Europe.


This might be a bit of a sore subject after the World Cup…

One of the busiest but most beautiful locations in Croatia is much quieter in the Autumn, which means it’s a lot cheaper! You can explore the city’s castle and famous walls which will also attract those of you into Game of Thrones as it is used as the set for King’s Landing. You can take a cable car up to the top of Srđ a 412 metre hill that overlooks the city for that extra special view! Autumn also holds the Good Food Festival, which brings culinary delights and cookery workshops.


If you’re not too bothered catching some Autumn sun, then look no further than Iceland’s capital. After the summer months, the crowds are lower and so are the prices, so Autumn is the ideal time to go! In the World’s most northern capital you could go and witness the Northern Lights, visit an unearthed Viking longhouse or the standout Art Gallery and National Museum. Reykjavik is one of the more expensive cities on our list, as flights from London can vary between £56 to £216. But, a quick payday loan can help manage your budget.


You may not realise that the autumn months are also the perfect time to check out our own capital city! As the summer tourists subside you could take a trip to WB’s Harry Potter Studio tour or visit some of the city’s top free attractions. Most noteworthy there’s even the chance to go and see some of the Museums at night, where there are special talks and events.


If you fancy escaping Europe for a while, try Dahab, one of Egypt’s rising coastal resorts. Being 100 km north of Egypt’s more popular holiday destination Sharm el-Sheikh, Dahab has a much more laid-back vibe. This area of the Red Sea is renowned for its magnificent coral reefs and dives. On top of this, there are many great day trips to do such as the Coloured Canyon to see the magnificent rock formations.


There are around 2,500 parks and gardens located around Germany’s bustling city. This means autumn brings some of the most stunning amber-leafed walks of any city. Tiergarten— Berlin’s largest park with 23 km of space to explore, was once only admitted to the Royals, but now you can roam it to your heart’s content! If you visit Berlin at the end of November, you’ll be able to peruse the stalls of the famous Christmas market.


If you’re looking for a cultured city to unwind in, Florence could be for you. The entire city is a Unesco World Heritage site and boasts many of the most stunning fresco-decorated churches and art exhibitions in the world. The large crowds in Florence start to disperse around the start of October, which means a much quieter experience in the museums and a lot cheaper hotel prices! Florence was also the birthplace of some of Italy’s most renowned designers, such as Guccio Gucci— so there are plenty of boutique shops to browse.

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