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Budgeting for Christmas


Taking positive action to keep away that dreaded January credit card bill that will inevitably be overladen with Christmas goodies, is creeping up quicker than we would like. Here are a few top tips to help plan ahead.

  1. Think about what you want to spend by planning ahead, work out what you can realistically afford without getting into debt. Now is the time to purchase presents in the sales or look for cheaper alternatives and early bird deals.
  2. Once you have worked out your budget, stick to it. Don’t let last minute panic, spiral out of control, it’s all in the planning.
  3. Larger families should consider the option of Secret Santa, everyone’s names goes into a hat and each person chooses one person to buy a present for. It works with colleagues in the office so why not try the same thing at home. If a budget is set then it can ensure one lovely present and not lots of throw away plastic junk.
  4. It’s become increasingly popular to make your own presents, now is the perfect time to think about what everyone likes and tailor goodies to suit. Homemade jams and confectionary make wonderful gifts, get your kids to design and, make the labels for something that is inherently individual.
  5. Same goes for Christmas decorations, get everyone involved.
  6. If you are lucky enough to be going away for Christmas then consider booking transport sooner rather than later. Train, coach and bus tickets can all be purchased online and collected on the day at your destination, normally with the card that you used to purchase them with, so don’t forget that!

Sensible spending is an approach that all of us at My Financial Broker are in favour of. We are a payday loan direct lender,  and our service is designed to offer responsible lending to those who are in need of short-term loans and able to pay back within fixed and agreed repayment terms.