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Cheap Christmas Decorations

Cheap Christmas Decorations
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When it comes to decorating for Christmas, there are generally two types of approach. Some people will simply reuse the stuff they already have, from the tree to the tinsel. Others prefer to adhere to the current trends, swapping out their colour scheme depending on what’s in vogue.

Whichever camp you fall into, there’s no need to spend a small fortune on making your home look festive. We’ve looked at five ways you can decorate for Christmas cheaply below:

1. Reuse Old Decorations

These days, we have such a throw away culture, from packaging to fast fashion. The same can be said for Christmas decorations. Not everyone will choose to reuse the stuff they’ve already got, as they want to create a different look from year to year. If you’re trying to save money though, purchasing new decorations isn’t the answer. 

And if you’re concerned about others judging you for bringing out the same decorations every Christmas, chances are they won’t remember what you did last year anyway. In fact, they probably reuse their decorations too, and aren’t giving yours a second thought!

2. Swap Your Decorations

Something a lot of people don’t consider doing is swapping their decorations with a friend. This will allow you to refresh your decor, without needing to spend a thing. Of course, there are a few things to consider with this idea, such as the size and style of your homes. If one of you has a sprawling farmhouse, while the other owns a modern, industrial looking flat, you’ll probably have different aesthetic preferences, and your decorations won’t suit your friend’s home!

You might also want to keep more personal decorations, such as those handmade by your kids or passed down through your family, in your own home. If these were to get lost or damaged, both you and your friend would feel awful! Anything sentimental should be set aside when swapping decorations.

3. Shop Around

If you do decide to buy new decorations, it’s not always sensible to get the first ones you see. If you spot them in a pricey department store window, for instance, it’s likely that these won’t be a cheap option. Instead, use these as inspiration, and see if you can achieve a similar look through less expensive decorations you can pick up elsewhere. 

Discount stores and supermarkets can be good places to buy cheap decorations, or you can look online. Anywhere that offers secondhand products is worth looking at, such as eBay or Facebook marketplace. If someone is getting rid of their decorations from last year, so that they can buy brand new stuff, you could get a real bargain!

4. Simplistic Decor

Decorating for Christmas doesn’t have to be complicated. In the same way that putting a few carved pumpkins around the house instantly evokes the spirit of Halloween, a couple of small touches here and there can look very festive. Even if you just put up strings of fairy lights, your home is bound to appear more magical.

Other simple decorations include ribbon and bows. Instead of buying lots of baubles, you can tie festive bows to your Christmas tree. This should only cost you a few pounds to buy, and can look incredibly classy if done in the right way.

5. Make Your Own

If you can’t really afford to buy new decorations this year, why not try making your own? Some decorations and designs will be harder than others, but there will be something you can create regardless of your artistic ability. Pinterest is a great place to find ideas and inspiration, and has plenty of Christmas crafts for kids to join in with too.

Of course not everyone will have craft supplies already. If this is the case, you may be able to use things you already have, or things you find in nature. A pinecone wreath will cost next to nothing, and you can make garlands from very cheap materials, such as origami paper stars. Kids can also have endless fun creating paper snowflakes to put in your windows, while you spend hours cleaning up after them…

Overall, you don’t need to spend much to decorate your home for Christmas, even if you want to refresh your decorations. You can swap with friends, buy things cheaply, or make decorations yourself!


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