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Halloween on a Budget

Halloween on a Budget
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Halloween has become an important cultural point of the year for kids and adults alike, with costumes and parties becoming ever more elaborate year-upon-year. If you like to be scared and be spooked but don’t feel like you’ve got the spare cash to do so this October, why not take a look at how you can still make people jump with fear on a budget.

Make a Costume at Home

You don’t have to spend loads of money on a costume this year. Why spend £80 on a full witches outfit from a store when you can make a fake nose, use a sweeping brush as your broomstick and have a bin bag as your clothing? It’s fun to make costumes with friends and it’s friendly to your bank balance.

Create a Haunted House at Home

Why not invite your friends round and create a dark and foreboding party atmosphere. You can use bed sheets, toilet roll and flour to create a haunted, derelict and dusty feel. Fill bin bags up to look like body parts, and use fruit juice for blood.

Inexpensive Trick or Treat

Bargain stores and pound shops are great places to pick up stacks of sweets and treats without breaking the bank. You’ll want to have handfuls of goodies for your guests and for any kids knocking on your door throughout the night.

Enjoy a spooktacular Halloween this year whether it’s on a budget or not. My Financial Broker is here to help with all short-term loans, to help you bridge that gap until payday.

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