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Keep Your Home Warm in Winter Without Breaking the Bank


It’s not just the harshness of the winter months that can take its toll on you but the reality of the increase in our energy bills can be a shocker to the wallet. Bad weather automatically leads to higher costs on heating your home so here are a few ideas that could help keep the costs down and the temperature up.

  1. Prepare your home for the winter months. Make it more energy efficient by plugging up any air leaks. Heat loss through air leaks can account for an extra 10-20% on your heating bills. So don’t throw it out of the window. Applying insulated film over windows could be a solution for any leakages. It’s an inexpensive way of containing the heat in your home.
  2. Turn the thermostat down a bit and put on a jumper instead. Thicker duvets at night time will keep you toasty. Homes that are unbearably hot in winter also contribute to the mutation of germs, keeping your home a little cooler could also help keep the winter bugs at bay.
  3. Heat is wasted in rooms that are not used that often. Make sure that the rooms you use frequently are warm by closing the doors to the ones you use less.
  4. Seal the attic, this is a massive source of energy loss, check that your attic is properly insulated and that what covers the entrance is secure and sealed. This will help maintain the heat within your home, rather than losing it out of the roof top.

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