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Don’t Let the Costs of Winter Partying Put Chills Down Your Spine!

Don’t Let the Costs of Winter Partying Put Chills Down Your Spine!
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Going out on the town these days is just so expensive. It’s only natural to want to unwind with a few drinks and have a dance with our mates. Or maybe have some food and a laugh! We all deserve a night out with our friends from time-to-time, but it can cost a fortune if you’re not careful.

A great night out can be achieved when you’re living on a budget however. Here, we take a look at some top tips to have a fantastic night out without spending over your budget.

Do Your Research

This might seem like it takes some of the fun out of the night! But taking a quick look around to see what offers are on at different bars and clubs, whether you’ll have to pay to gain entry to certain places (and how much it will cost), will save you hassle on the night itself. Put two or three venues to the choice of your group of mates after researching where you can get the most of a night out for your budget. If you can avoid paying an entry fee it can make a huge difference.

Cut Down on the Booze (Or Ditch it Entirely)

It is possible to have a good night out with friends without alcohol. Or at least with just a few drinks instead of getting blind drunk. The fun is in the laughter, the dancing, the catching up and everything else that being with your mates is about. A few drinks to ease into the night can be great; too much alcohol can end up being a problem for your health and your bank balance. The costs are much greater where alcohol is involved, as the drinks are more expensive, the transport costs increase if you’re out later. Perhaps have a few drinks with your friends before you leave, and try not to drink for the rest of the night. Non-alcoholic options are also much better these days, so why not consider cutting down next time you’re out on the town.

Stick to a Budget

This is a hard one to commit to we know, but it is possible. After researching the entry fees and average prices of drinks, take a look at your budget. Then work out exactly how much you can afford to spend on the night out ahead. To ensure you are getting enough from the budget, eat at home before going out. This lines the stomach should you be drinking alcohol and ensures you’re not as likely to want a greasy takeaway at the end of the night. Another approach is to not take your bank card out with you. Instead, rely on the cash you have in your hand.

Arrange Transport

Whether you are being dropped off and picked up by your partner, friend, or family member, or you have arranged for a taxi for either or both journeys, arranging transport before the night out can save you plenty of cash. A late night taxi can cost a lot more than a pre-booked service, and a lift with a loved one is even cheaper!

A night out doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. It can be fun and entertaining without stretching your budget too far.

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