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Top Tips for Winter Saving


The rising costs of energy bills have obviated the need for saving energy and therefore making your home more efficient. Here are a few basics that you can do to start saving money during these winter months and all year round.

  1. Set out a few basic rules for the whole family, its simple things like turning lights off when you leave a room, turn the TV off when you aren’t watching it. Don’t put the heating on unless it hits a certain temperature.
  2. Getting everyone on board can really help with this. Talk about it at the dinner table and explain why you want to make your home energy and cost efficient. Set up a reward chart for the kids, good behaviour will equal a treat, why not make that treat relevant to your cause.
  3. After implementing the day to day habits, think about what you may need to physically do to your home to make it function better. Solar panels for an example are an investment but your bank balance will ultimately reap the reward. They will help to eliminate what may have previously been energy draining appliances. Tumble dryers in the winter months for getting an entire families clothes dry can be a real drain. Unless it’s pouring with rain then hang them outside to dry.
  4. Play in your natural environment, keep illness at bay by reaping the benefits of fresh air, ride a bike, go for a run, make your body as energy efficient as your home.
  5. Look for appliances that consume less energy.

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