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The Ultimate Christmas Saving Guide


Christmas is just around the corner and can often be a strain on our wallets, with the effects felt well into the New Year. That’s why you should always start planning your Christmas finances in advance so that nothing comes as a shock last minute.

Before you start going shopping mad, you need to set a budget. You should start by working out what your income will be for the month. Most people budget for Christmas based on their November salary, but some employers may pay you earlier in December, so it’s always worth checking this and factoring it into your budget.

After removing household bills, living costs, travel costs and other commitments you’ll be left with your Christmas budget!

Christmas saving tips:

Remember: preparing in advance reduces the stress of doing things last minute or taking out an instant payday loan to cover the cost of present, food and other Christmas essentials. A few hours here or there in November can save you so much time in December, plus you get to beat the crowds!