Reduce Your Water Bills Using These Tips

This is such an expensive time of year for everyone, so any way you can reduce the cost of your bills is useful. Water bills are a significant cost when running a home especially if you have a large family who are showering and bathing constantly. Washing clothes, preparing food, cleaning cars and watering the garden all impact on the amount of water that British households consume. Here are a few ways of cutting your consumption.

  • If you are on a rated water bill then you will pay a set amount that has been fixed according to the value of your home which is the same regardless of how much water you use. Switching to a metered supply could cut your bills as you will only be paying for what you are using. They are fitted free of charge by water companies so it’s worth considering. Watch your bills reduce with how much water you save.
  • It is estimated that each person uses approximately 150 litres/270 pints per day so if you have a quick shower instead of a bath you could be reducing your usage significantly as an average bath uses 80 litres of water compared to a shower that consumes 35.
  • Always turn the tap off while you brush your teeth. This wastes such an unnecessary amount of water.
  • It may be a time saving device, but think about washing up in a bowl of water rather than using the dishwasher constantly. A sink will take about 6 litres of water and a machine will use approximately 55 litres on a cycle.
  • Get a water butt and use the collected rainwater to water your garden, a garden hose uses a whopping 10 litres per minute.

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