How to Lower Your Bills

Human race has flourished in the face of several odds: the harsh weather conditions of ancient world, the fear of wild animals, and the vulnerability in times of natural disasters, wars and the havoc they have wrecked time and again, political disturbances and revolutions, strain in global trade and fluctuating economy. Of all these odds the last one has affected mankind like none other: the rising prices of commodities and services as a consequence of economic inflation has had an immense effect on the quality of life and demarcated the haves and the have-not even more triumphantly. Unemployment and loss of livelihood has become rampant. Saving on bills has become a necessity for modern man who is incessantly squeezed between his high-end aspirations and constant failures due to the declining global economy.

1. Saving on Energy Bills:

  • One should switch from using standard incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs or CFL’s which are energy-efficient, long-lasting and consume negligent power by generating negligent heat.
  • One should remember to unplug all unused electrical devices from time to time. Unknown to most people these devices use up “phantom charge”, a small but constant amount of electricity as long as they remain plugged into the electrical sockets.
  • One must regulate the temperature of thermostats and air-coolers from time to time. Dependence on these devices can be curtailed by a simultaneous use of blankets or fans respectively.

2. Saving on Communication Bills:

  • One can easily bring their phone bills under budget by scrutinizing the tariff plans they are provided by the Telecommunication Providers. For instance switching to a more cost-efficient plan by eliminating unnecessary facilities is advisable.
  • Switching to internet telephone services can save money especially for those who need long-distance communication on a daily basis.
  • Skype or Google Hang Outs or even WhatsApp Voice Calling services can be extremely useful in reducing phone call charges.

3. Saving on Entertainment Bills:

  • One must lower their cable bills by reducing the hours they spend on watching television and also by eliminating unnecessary channels which one does not prefer to watch.
  • Cancelling unnecessary Club Memberships and using that money more judiciously on other less expensive activities can reduce the monthly Bill amounts.
  • Switching from monthly subscription of newspaper and magazines to their internet versions (e-newspaper and e-magazines) is something which all of us should consider doing. It not only saves paper, but also reduces unnecessary expenditure (since most of the time the internet versions can be subscribed without paying additional costs). Also sharing newspapers within a close-knit neighborhood is a wise decision.

4. Saving on Miscellaneous Bills:

  • Instead of hiring a household help for doing odd chores at home and spending hours in the gymnasium for exercise, one can try and do the household work such as washing, cleaning, laundry, cooking on their own. It reduces expenditure on several accounts.
  • One must consider eliminating their unhealthy consumption habits such as smoking and drinking. It not only affects their health, it also digs deep into the pockets.

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