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5 Cheap Summer Holiday Ideas

5 Cheap Summer Holiday Ideas
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When it comes to going on holiday in the summer, most of us just want a bit of sea, sand and sunshine. So why pay more? This sort of trip doesn’t have to cost the earth! There are plenty of ways you can save money on your holiday, whilst still enjoying a relaxing getaway. We’ve explored five ways you can save money on your summer holiday below:

1. Book Early

One of the key things to bear in mind when looking for a cheap summer holiday is the date you book. Hopefully, this will be as early as possible. Planes, ferries and trains will often have better deals when you book in advance, and you should have first pick of all the best hotels.

Research is also essential when it comes to booking early. You need to get a good idea of how much you’d expect to pay when you book in advance, in comparison to booking at the last minute. Perhaps speak to a travel agent, or friends and family who travel often, and ask them the best way to get cheap flights and packages.

Even the price of hotels and other forms of accommodation can be cheaper when you book in advance, simply because you can get a good deal before they’re all gone! Compare prices online, and make sure you read all the small print, so you don’t miss any listed fees or charges and get a nasty surprise later down the line.

2. Avoid Popular Destinations

The sort of places you hear everyone going to, such as Croatia and Spain, are normally expensive to travel to. These locations, since recognising that they are making a lot of money from the tourist trade, have hiked up the prices. Holiday favourites tend to be more costly. So if you haven’t set your heart on a particular destination, try somewhere new! Go against the grain and visit a country that’s a little out of favour right now – your wallet will be sure to thank you!

It’s also worth considering the fact that, even if the flights are expensive, sometimes the holiday still works out cheaper. If everything from the food to the accommodation is significantly less expensive when you get to your destination, it can be worth splashing out more on the travel costs. For example, many places in Asia are cheap, as are countries like Mexico, while lots of places in Europe will be expensive to stay in.

3. Be Flexible

According to a report published by Expedia, flying on a Wednesday is usually the cheapest day to go abroad. Of course this is only calculated as an average, so you may find that another day of the week has cheaper flights when you’re booking. The most important thing is to be flexible about dates. Ideally you’ll also go during the off season, though if you work as a teacher or have kids, this won’t be an option!

If you’re not able to go abroad in the off season, it may be best to remain in the UK when you take a holiday, or take your car on a ferry to Europe. This will often work out to be the cheaper option, especially if you have a big family! Paying for lots of individual flights over the summer will always be expensive.

When it comes to flexibility, it’s also good to be flexible about your destination. If you don’t mind where you go, and you haven’t booked well in advance, you can often get fantastic last minute deals. Sites like and On the Beach tend to offer these sorts of deals – holiday companies will normally suffer a loss if they don’t fill up their package deals, so around two months before departure, the last few places will be sold at a heavily discounted rate.

4. Go to a Holiday Park

If you’re of a certain generation, you’ll probably remember visiting a holiday park at least once growing up, and you probably have great memories of your stay! So why take your kids abroad? They’ll probably have just as much fun at a holiday park like Haven or Butlin’s, and it will most likely be a fraction of the cost.

With a holiday park, you can get a wide variety of packages, from the more luxurious to the absolute budget options. Regardless of where you stay, there are bound to be lots of activities and on-site entertainment to keep the kids entertained. There will almost certainly be a swimming pool or two on-site too, which can be enjoyable for the whole family!

5. Rent a Camper Van

Rather than going to a holiday destination, why not make the journey part of the fun? You could rent a camper van (unless you already own one) and travel around the British Isles! Although petrol prices can be high, driving around in a camper van is one of the cheapest ways of travelling. It’s also one of the most rewarding – you’re in complete control of the journey, from your overall speed to your final destination.

Renting a camper van and driving across the country is the type of holiday where you’ll make tons of memories. You may not be able to afford an all-expenses paid trip to a tropical island, but who cares! Sometimes the cheaper holidays are the best ones, and you’ll be with your loved ones regardless!

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