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Camping on a Budget in the UK – Where to Go on Holiday this Summer
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Summer is around the corner and we’ve been lucky enough in the UK to have some hot weather so far already this year. With the holidays approaching you really don’t need to spend loads of money on an expensive holiday abroad. There are plenty of enticing and cost effective camping spots across the UK for you to sink your teeth into, relax and enjoy a British holiday. If you’re planning on camping on a budget in the UK this year we have some prime locations, and some tips to cut your costs, without cutting your enjoyment!

First thing’s first, let’s take a look at some of the best camping sites the UK has to offer, with a variety of locations spread across the entire country:

Newgale, Pembrokeshire – The Pembrokeshire coastline is a sight to behold at any time of year but during the summer months there are few places worth stopping over more than camping at Newgale. With sandy beaches and extraordinary views you can get your watersports on with surfing and windsurfing a huge attraction.

Robin Hood’s Bay, North Yorkshire – If you’re looking for stunning views to relax with during sunset, there are a number of campsites in the Robin Hood’s Bay area. It is the perfect location to start (or finish) the coast-to-coast walk between the east coast and the Cumbrian coastline.

St Agnes, Isles of Scilly – St Agnes is tiny, but has some of the finest beaches you’ll find anywhere in the UK. For an extreme remote location, you’ll find yourself in a completely other world with a trip to the Isles of Scilly.

Kinlocehlevn, Argyle – A stunning Scottish campsite that combines all of what you’d expect from the wild north. On the banks of Loch Leven, this campsite provides a spectacular setting with mountains all around and an icy blue loch by your side.

St Levan, Penzance, Cornwall – With the cliffs to the edge of your campsite, you’ll have amazing views of the sea in a secluded location that provides you with wonderful long walks to enjoy.

Once you have chosen your perfect UK camping destination you can then work out exactly what you need to take with you for the holiday. We have a few money saving tips for you to cut the costs of your camping trip, without it dampening your enthusiasm for the holiday.

Share Camping Equipment – The first way to save money on camping holidays is to share equipment with your friends. If you are lucky enough to have friends and family who love to go camping in the UK you can share sleeping bags and cooking equipment etc. It really does lead to cost effective camping.

Stock up in the Sales – In the weeks and months leading up to your UK camping holiday keep an eye out for the essentials that you’ll need. From fleeces for the night-time, to sensible footwear, sleeping bags, and foodstuffs, look for discounts and bulk-buy well in advance so you’re not left short when on holiday

Invest in a Quality Tent – It’s easy to think that a good way to save money camping is to buy a tent for as low a price as possible. This is folly. It is worth paying that little bit more for a tent that is quality and will not only endure the poor weather you’re bound to encounter at some point on a British camping trip, but that will also last for many years, saving you money in the long-term.

Now you’ve got a fair idea about where to go in the UK and how to go on a cost-effective UK camping holiday. Camping on a budget is possible and we’re sure if you take our tips on board you and the family will have a fantastic experience this summer.

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