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School Holiday Entertainment on a Budget


With the school holidays approaching fast, the need for entertaining your family on a budget becomes a necessity. Here are some top tips for keeping those little ones happy in the holidays, whatever the weather.

  1. Get them in the kitchen– teach your children about taste as well as have fun, there are many simple yet delicious recipes that are available from kids cookbooks or by simply looking up on line.
  2. Lets go fly a kite– Most toy shop sell cheap kites and this will certainly brighten up a windy day and have them away from the TV and console!
  3. Write a story– get everyone to use their imaginations and write a story with your children. Discuss their favourite fairy-tale and why and use this as a starting point for a group story, each person then writes a paragraph and once the last person is finished you can read the whole of the story to your family group.
  4. Treasure hunt– come up with a host of items for your children and their friends to find. Give them clues as to where each one is and then let them embark on their very own treasure hunt.
  5. Gardening- growing your own fruit and vegetables is great fun, this works for window boxes as well as larger gardens. All you need is soil, pots and seeds or bedding plants and they can watch them grow over the holidays.
  6. Visit a museum or gallery– many of these are now free or subsidised so discovering the history of the area within which you live or are visiting can be fascinating.
  7. Map making- draw squares on a big sheet of paper and get your children to make a map of their local area, see how much they can do themselves, it’s a great way of seeing how they perceive where they live.

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