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Summer Saving Tips

Summer Saving Tips
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When you’re hit with an unexpected bill, a short term loan can be a quick and reliable way to correct the situation. However, taking out a short term loan should be considered carefully as there may be cheaper alternative options. This is one of the many reasons why we save for a rainy day. And some people find that the best time to save is when the sun is shining brightly!

Although the summer means that the kids have broken up for the summer holiday, that doesn’t mean it’s a more expensive time of year than any other. We’ve compiled a few summer money saving tips, as well as some ideas on how to have cheap but brilliant days out!

Saving Can Be Fun

With the cost of living on the rise, it’s more important than ever to save money where you can. A clever trick you may not be aware of is the £1 Saving Challenge. This challenge is perfect to start in the summer, as if you continue for six months, until Christmas time, you should have a nice amount saved up to buy gifts. If you start on the 1st June with the aim of finishing on 1st December you would have saved £364.50. That’s an amazing contribution towards Christmas presents, as well as your Christmas dinner! 

So how does this challenge work? Essentially, you save up more each week, but so gradually you should barely notice it. So in the first week, you’d save £1, £2 in the second week, then £3 in week three, and so on. And if you’re worried about saving a larger amount closer to the festive season, all you have to do is switch it around so you’re putting £26 into your savings on week one, and then decreasing each week. 

Concerned you’re going to open that piggy bank too soon? Just get yourself one of those smashable jars where you have to break it to get into it. Then let friends and family know that you’re saving, so that they can check your piggy bank is still alive and kicking!

Visit Your Local Library

Whether you have kids or not, the local library can provide plenty of entertainment for lazy sunny days in your garden or local park. No matter if you’re into the classics, the latest thriller or acclaimed bestseller, you’re bound to find it at the library, for free. Sunbathing can be a whole lot better with free books!

If you do have children, then it’s worth checking out the summer holiday workshops and events held by your local library. This could include crafting sessions and storytelling by local authors. All of this should be free, and will keep kids occupied for hours on end. Find your local library here.

Free Festivals

Forget Reading, Leeds and Glasto, there are loads of free music festivals all over the UK, just waiting for you to check them out! From Folk on the Quay in Poole to the Clarence Park Music Festival in Wakefield, there’s a music festival for every genre! You can even bring your own food, drink and chairs for the ultimate chilled out festival experience. 

There are also lots of other festivals that focus on things like food, as well as arts and crafts. Why not check out this list from Money Saving Expert to find free festivals near you.

Pay Yourself to Treat Yourself

Every time you, your partner, or your kids do chores like washing up, hoovering, or taking the bins out, set aside a small reward of a few pounds. See how this works over three or four months, and adjust the rewards system if the amount is too much or too little. 

Then, simply watch your savings grow, so that by the time you come around to opening the money box, you’ll have enough for a financially guilt-free day out for the whole family. You should also have a cleaner home if everyone has chipped in with the chores! Some ideas of what to spend this money on include visiting a zoo, going to a safari park, a trip to the theatre or cinema, or paintballing. 

Find the Best Theme Park Vouchers

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of money-saving vouchers for days out and activities. Theme parks, in particular, can set you back a lot of money in the summer holidays. But if you shop around you can get as much as 75% off gate-entrance prices. Even just buying tickets online can slash your spending. 

For example, it’s £32.50 to get into Blackpool Pleasure Beach on the day, but only £16.25 when buying at least 10 days in advance online. It’s also worth checking out the papers and using the coupons – you can save big money on theme park tickets. Take a look at this amazing cheap theme park guide.

Shops That Offer Free Kids Activities

There are so many big-name stores that host free events for kids. A few fun examples include Dobbie’s gardening workshops, Halfords bike workshops, Hobbycraft workshops and Pets At Home animal workshops! There really is something for every child – whether they’re a budding artist or an animal fanatic.

Of course the issue with these workshops is that your child may then want to spend money in the store. Whether it’s a new pet, bike, or art supplies, your kids are bound to want to take it home! If you’re trying to save money, the best option is to find free alternatives, such as crafting things from stuff you already own. Pinterest can be a great place to start, if you’re looking for inspiration.

Sell Stuff at Car Boot Sales

Car boot fairs can be great fun for the whole family. Think fresh doughnuts, ice lollies, bargain toys and actually making money at the same time. Find your nearest car boot sale and just pay a small price to pitch up and sell your items. The average person makes £115 in a car boot sale in just five hours – that’s £23 per hour! 

Not only will you be getting rid of stuff you don’t use anymore and making money, but you can also teach your little ones about money too. It’s a good idea to get your kids to help on the stall, handle cash and work out the change. And to reward your little hard workers, a lot of car boot fairs have a bouncy castle!


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