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Surviving Festivals on a Budget


Festival season is now upon us and there are many of us who are thinking of digging into our pockets and spending upwards of £200 for a ticket to one of the many festivals around the UK.

One of the things that holds us back from going or causes problems when it’s finished is the cost of being at a festival. We have to think about camping gear, travel, food, drink and all the little extras that we have to pay for once we are there. If you’re not careful, the excitement of festival season can cause a massive dent in your budget and may lead to needing a short term payday loan to help cover other finances!

Take a Cooler Box, BBQ and Food

This will save you a lot of money as meals can range from £5 to £10 each. Over a four day period, you could end up spending over £100 just on food alone. Instead between your friends go to your local supermarket, load up on bread, sausages, burgers, bacon, crisps and other snacks and that should certainly help you to save a small fortune. We’ve also compiled a list of ways to save on your food shop to help you save more.

Take Alcohol With You

Another big expense at most festivals is alcohol. Drinks normally range from £4 up to £10 and more. When you are at a festival a lot of alcohol is consumed and a lot of money normally goes on consuming this alcohol. Instead of that why not load up on spirits, beers, ciders and water whilst you are getting food. If there is a group of you, then you can split the cost between you and save even more money.

If You Don’t Have Camping Gear, Borrow Some

One thing a lot of people get wrong during festival season is that they don’t ask friends or family to borrow things to take to a festival and instead buy things brand new. Even if you are thinking of going away again, buying a new tent, sleeping bag, chair, pillow or bed could be a waste of money when you can borrow them from someone who has used theirs a handful of times and when it is in good condition.

group of friends camping

Make a Daily Budget and Stick to It

Factor in the chance that you will buy a few drinks, get a little bit of food and maybe buy something from one of the many shops but don’t go overboard just because you are at a festival. It’s important to have fun and not compromise but it’s also important that you don’t overspend and suffer the consequences later on in the month. You can budget by writing a list or using a budget app on your phone.

Whether you are going to one of the more expensive festivals, a cheap one or a free one, use these tips to help make it even better without spending too much money and most importantly enjoy yourself, create some new memories and be safe!

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