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Why You Should Start Saving Now For a Summer Holiday

Why You Should Start Saving Now For a Summer Holiday
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With the average expected expenditure for a family holiday at a massive two months’ salary, living off a less than keen income may have you struggling with the idea of how to make the best of your summer outing. No need to fret, with a good amount of time and careful planning you could soon find yourself on that much needed holiday without putting further strain on your finances.

Being an excluded part of mainstream banking could make booking hotels, rentals cars, and other travel arrangements quite difficult, as most of these establishments only accept credit for means of reserving your stay.

Under Banked and On the Road

Choosing your destination months ahead of time is a great way to save on the price as well as budgeting for your travel expenses. Depending on where you travel, giving yourself time to save those pounds may give you options like paying off a booking in full beforehand or scoring fantastic deals on those popular destinations.

Some hotels will allow cash for a security deposit on a room or may even accept a prepaid card for the reservation. Try calling in advance to negotiate with your accommodation. Even if they say no it will help you determine what options are available to you.

There are also alternatives to staying at a posh hotel. If the weather is good; camping can be just as relaxing. Hostels could also be a good choice if you are a lone traveler who doesn’t mind bunking with others, as most accept cash as payment. Also renting from a private owner who may not need to hold credit information could prove to be a worthy option. (You can explore home swaps and rentals in further detail) Note: It is better to use PayPal or cheques when dealing with a private party. If you must use cash, get a receipt.

If you plan to fly there are ways around the use of a bank card. PayPal is an acceptable form of payment at some airlines and you can use a PayPal cash card to add cash to your account. A Eurorail pass and other public transportation tickets can be purchased at stations with cash and would be a cheaper alternative to burning fuel.

Tuck In!

You should not have any trouble whatsoever paying for treats for yourself with cash or other forms of payment. Nevertheless, if you are watching your pocket its good practice to budget for your meals and other activities.

Research the areas you plan to visit and establish how much you have to spend on each meal and outing. Looking at where the locals frequent could give you a good idea of the best spots around town or any specials events happening on the days you will be in town. Carry with you only the amount you intend to spend for that day or evening and nothing else.

Packing snacks from home is the best way to save you from those expensive impulses buys at the local convenience store when you become peckish in-between meals. A reusable water bottle could also be a lifesaver especially if your travels lead in a more rural direction. If you are going on an extended holiday, finding lodgings with a cooker could do wonders for your budget.

Making the best of your summer holiday does not require a good credit report, only a little time, a little saving, and the desire to take a much needed rest.

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