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What Is Open Banking and How Can It Help Me Get A Loan?

Since January 2018 the nine major high street banks are required to allow current account customers to share their financial data. This new technology, called open banking, is creating new financial options for people. It does this by giving them a better understanding of their finances. Here we’ll explain why open banking is being used […]

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Traditional Personal Finance Rules Revised

Some financial rules really survive the test of time. Don’t spend more than you earn, stick to your budget, save for retirement. However, some tips are outdated and plainly not valid in this day and age. These previously holly pieces of advice just do not stand in today’s economy and rapidly changing job market. Buy […]

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Brokers Vs. Lenders: What They Do

Brokers and direct lenders have many things in common. Both of them conduct campaigns of advertising for attracting customers and both of them collect information on your financial status in order to decide whether to lend you money or not. Both can also help you to get a better understanding of the lending process and […]

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Why Responsible Lending is Important

Responsible lending of long and short term loans is important for both lenders and borrowers for a number of reasons, and both have different responsibilities. Responsibilities of Lenders Lenders need to keep to financial regulations, in order to provide quality loan products and services. They should also strive for exceptional customer service. Borrowers need support […]

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Investing in the Loan Market

Traditionally, many people think of investing as placing savings or lump sums into an investment vehicle. This could be a high-interest savings bank account, ISA, unit trust, bond or hedge fund. Other forms of investments include currency, property and artefacts. Investing in the loan market, such as in long or short-term loans, takes on a […]

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