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How Your Local Region Has Been Impacted By COVID-19: The Data

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, it’s been estimated that around a quarter of the UK’s population have been furloughed, with more than a third of workers affected in some areas. This has meant that a large percentage of the nation’s earnings have decreased by at least 20%. Obviously this has impacted just about all of […]

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How George Osbornes Autumn statement will affect you

George Osborne’s Autumn Statement saw changes in a number of areas where cost savings for the average bill payer were implemented. With Christmas nearly upon us, these will be welcomed with open arms, any savings that can be made, especially this time of year are welcomed. Here are just a few of the basic changes. […]

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Low Inflation Nation

When things are tight, then the idea that prices are going to drop is good, right? Well, yes, it’s great to be able to buy things at an affordable price. Over the last year, there has been a 10.5% fall in the price of fuel and a 1.9% fall in food prices. However, money minds […]

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Online Lending To Increase In The Upcoming Year

Digital Media and Marketing Association (DMMA) performed in February 2013 a survey in South Africa. The result showed that 52% of persons survived made some purchases online in the past year. These figures will rise since internet connectivity keeps increasing. Many consumers are using the internet to do most of their shopping even to apply […]

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Banks Fail to Help Customers who Lose Thousands in Online Mistakes

With the rise of online banking, it’s become so much easier for customers to transfer funds between accounts, pay off bills over the internet and so much more. However, it’s also become a lot easier to make a mistake as well, and see your funds end up somewhere entirely different to where you expect. You […]

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