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Category: Payday Loan Alternatives


Alternatives to Short Term Loan Solutions

Looking for an alternative to a short term loan? Well good for you: researching all of the options available to you will help you make an informed decision to get you back on the right track, financially speaking. Finding a way to pay your debts that will not cost you more money is the choice […]

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No Payday Loan? No Problem

A payday loan is a highly popular means of procuring money for a short period of time. With varying levels of proof required by different loan companies, and the generally small amounts being dealt with, payday loans are seen as a quick, easy way of getting money when you need it. However, the payday loan […]

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What is a Guarantor Loan?

Sometimes a short term loan is not going to match your needs. It may be the case that you need more than £1000. Or it may be that you can’t afford to pay off your short term loan in one go. If you’ve been refused a payday loan it may be because you’re unable repay […]

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Peer to Peer Lending – The Basics

Social lending has emerged as a popular alternative to traditional lending over the past few years. This gives both lenders and borrowers cause to celebrate! But what exactly is peer to peer lending? And what do peer to peer loans give you that other loans can’t? P2P Loans Peer to Peer loans (also known as […]

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What is Asset Finance?

Asset finance is an arrangement that allows a company to manage its personnel, machinery and office equipment. Asset finance is becoming increasing popular as many companies are now using this method to expand their company infrastructure. The financial asset of a company can either be tangible or intangible; it can also have the following characteristics: […]

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