Remember, Remember the 6th of Movember

We are now six days into Movember, so its time for a PiggyBank Loans mo update.

We have a new member to our hairy bunch. Julian, our Financial Director, has
decided to join in the fun! So now we are five.

So far none of us are looking particularly ridiculous, but that will definitely come in
time. Darren has started incredibly well and already has a fully-fledged mo, Julian,
John, Frankie and I still have some way to go to really show the mo.

Even the mascot of PiggyBank loans, Hamm Pig, has decided to get in the spirit of
Movember and grow a mo. So everyone here is doing their best to get behind this
incredible feat for a wonderful cause.

Here is an update from a couple of members of the team:


ā€˜Iā€™m enjoying the mo growth so far, although it is a bit blond/grey/ginger, which
makes for an interesting combo. My girlfriend has moaned a little, but she is trying
to be supportive. Iā€™m thinking about buying some just for men to really make my mo
stand out from the crowd.ā€™


Given my lack of progress on the facial hair front, I decided to do a bit of reading up
on what exactly it is that Mo Sistas do. As well as regularly complimenting my team
on their progress, I thought it was time I brought something a little more measurable
to the table.

Welcome please, the “Mo Swearing Please” Jar. It’s not that we’re foul mouthed
here at PiggyBank, just… expressive. However you look at it, it’s filling up quickly.
Watch this space šŸ™‚


ā€˜I joined the PiggyBank Loans team a little bit late, but Iā€™m very proud to be involved
in Movember this year. It is well worth making myself look ridiculous for this great

If you would like to donate to our endeavors you can do so at and we would collectively love you for ever.