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Can You Get Cash for Your Old Tech?

Can You Get Cash for Your Old Tech?
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When it comes to old tech, not everyone knows what to do with it when they upgrade. And if it’s no longer working, should you just throw it away? If you have old tech lying around the house, regardless of whether they’re still in full working order, you could be able to make a bit of money by selling it!

And usually, the sooner you sell the better. We tend to hang on to certain tech items, such as mobile phones, just in case our new one is lost or broken. But if it’s still a fairly new device, you’ll probably get more money for it if you sell it quickly. And brands these days are usually pretty reliable, so it’s unlikely that your replacement device will need a backup!

So, where is the best place to sell your old tech items? We’ve looked at some of the options below – you may need to explore a couple of these in order to get the highest sale price!

1. Sell on eBay

When it comes to selling, eBay is often a good place to start. There are tons of both buyers and sellers, so while there will be competition, there is a big audience for the items you have on sale. The main thing to remember is that you need to be as accurate and descriptive as possible when listing your item. The photos should be of high quality too.

You can look at similar items on eBay, and see how much they sold for, as well as how they were listed. The platform will help you prepare your listing by offering prompts, so it’s incredibly straightforward. Do bear in mind that there may be a selling fee though, which would reduce the amount you receive overall.

2. Sell on Facebook Marketplace

While Gumtree used to be the go-to place for selling locally, and is still a successful site, the focus seems to have shifted to Facebook Marketplace these days. This type of platform allows you to sell larger items, which would undoubtedly cost a fortune to post. Just like eBay, you’d need to upload a photo of your item, and include a brief description of it. You’ll also have to give an asking price. If you’re lucky, someone who lives nearby will commit to buying your item, pick it up, and pay in cash.

The limitations of these sorts of sites, when it comes to selling tech, is that someone local may not want your device. So if it’s a smaller item, such as a phone or camera, you may be better off selling online.

3. Sell at Shops on the High Street 

You don’t have to sell your old tech online – there are shops on the high street that can probably offer a comparable price. For example, CeX will buy loads of secondhand tech products, including games consoles, headphones, laptops, cameras, speakers, and of course smartphones. If you sell to CeX though, the device will need to be working.

There are also buy-and-sell stores, such as Cash Converter and Cash Generator, which will buy old tech, along with just about anything valuable. These sorts of shops won’t necessarily offer the highest price, however.

4. Find Specialist Tech Sale Websites

Along with places where you can sell just about anything, like Facebook Marketplace and eBay, there are other online marketplaces that solely deal in tech products. This can be one of the least stressful options in terms of selling old tech, as you’ll be quoted a price before committing to the sale. You therefore don’t need to do any research into how much the item is worth before listing it, you can just compare the prices offered. 

One of the most well known sites that will buy old tech is MusicMagpie. From phones and tablets, to consoles and Kindles, you can sell an array of products with MusicMagpie, usually at a pretty good rate. Another website that buys tech is Mazuma, which generally offers comparable prices.

Before You Sell

Prior to selling any old tech, there are a few things you should probably think about. The obvious consideration is ensuring your data stays secure, but you may also wish to see if your item is a collectible, due to its age.

Data Security

Before you get rid of any item that may store sensitive information, whether you’re selling it or taking it to a local recycling centre, you must ensure that all personal data is erased. Ideally, this would mean a factory reset, though if the device is no longer working, you may need to consider other options.

If you’re selling to a specialist company, they’ll do a data wipe anyway, so you don’t need to be as worried about doing it yourself. However, if you decide to sell privately, it’s essential that you remove any personal data from the device before shipping it, making sure that the data is permanently deleted and cannot be restored.

How Old is Your Device?

While, generally speaking, newer tech items will sell for more money, this isn’t always the case. If the product is old enough, it might become a collectable item. For instance, the very first iPhone, released in 2007, could be worth thousands of pounds. The same goes for the original iPod, which was launched in 2001.

Another collectable item, due to its age and legacy, is the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X, which was the world’s first commercial mobile phone. This phone entered the market in 1984, for the whopping price of $3,995, or around $10,000 (approximately £8,500) today. Despite the fact that you can no longer use these phones, they still sell for a lot of money online.

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