Customer Service for Startups

I’ve worked in customer facing roles constantly throughout my career. From small agencies, to large multinational corporations and in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals, to digital, to finance.

Regardless of the industry or company, one thing that has remained consistent is the importance of providing the highest possible level of customer service.

It’s something I strongly believe in. After all, I’m the first to complain if I don’t have a good customer experience, normally sharing the information with friends and work colleagues. It’s easy to see how word of mouth reputation exists and with most brands now adopting some form of social media presence, there’s no escaping people taking this information online. On a personal level I’ve noticed an increase of people tweeting brands, publicly complaining or praising their experience.

PiggyBank being in Beta is giving us an opportunity to really talk and dedicate time to understand each and every one of our customers – We like to share information here at PiggyBank so here’s what we’ve learnt so far about customer service for startups:

Live your brand and your voicePiggyBank was always intended to be “friendly finance”, it’s part of our philosophy. No matter what sort of day we’re having at PiggyBank HQ, whether we’ve run out of coffee or you’ve caught us at 8:30 on a Monday morning– we’ll make sure we’re being as friendly and as helpful as possible

Every customer is unique – It sounds like a cliché, but it’s human nature to make assumptions based on previous experience. We’re always trying to take each PiggyBank loan customer who’s contacting us and understand their circumstances, not make assumptions based on other customers. We like to think this is helping us treat our customers fairly which is all part of our responsible lending and collections process

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes – We’re not saying we get our customer communications right every time, but we’ll always learn a valuable lesson for next time. Being a lean start up is all about making changes based on experience. We won’t stop changing until we’re the best we possibly can be.

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