Taking a Short Term Loan Out With PiggyBank

Searching for a short term loan can often be complicated and include loads of bamboozling numbers and figures. At PiggyBank we want to offer a genuine simple process.

The Process of Applying for a Loan

Simplicity is everything, especially if an unexpected circumstance has led you to search for a short-term loan. At PiggyBank you can apply to borrow anything between £100 up to £1000, with a repayment period from 7 days up to 5 months.  All applications are online and easy to work through in minutes.

All we ask is some personal details, including your employment status, income, expenditure and your bank account details. If accepted we aim to have your loan paid direct into your bank account within an hour, though sometimes we do require some extra information and will contact you.

Responsible Credit Checks

When you apply for a loan we will carry out standard credit checks to ensure you are the person you say you are, but also we have our own checking system that fits into our responsible lender model. If you have bad credit we won’t immediately dismiss you but instead we take a human approach, case by case. If we feel you simply can’t afford to take out a short term loan with us, we won’t approve your application. So even if you haven’t got an ideal credit file, our loans for poor credit could help you out of a tight spot!

You should not apply to borrow money online if a lender offers loans without a credit check. All payday lenders must legally credit check all applicants, and any that do not is likely a scam and not authorised to lend you money.

If you would like to make an application for a responsible short term loan through PiggyBank we hope this article has been informative. Fill out the simple online application and we’ll have an answer for you within an hour.

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