Ten Tips When Considering a Loan

Making a decision to borrow money through a loan is not easy.  These ten tips when considering a loan can help you get better borrowing value for money.

  • Identify the borrowing purpose.
  • Narrow borrowing parameters.
  • Obtain a credit report from a credit checking agency.
  • Understand what constitutes your credit score.
  • Take steps to improve your credit rating.
  • Compare lending practices to choose a good lender.
  • Research loan products for the best borrowing value.
  • Choose the lender and product that best meets your borrowing purpose.
  • Be honest on the loan application.
  • Borrow money responsibly.

Deciding whether a long or short term loan is more appropriate for your needs, including the loan purpose and financing duration, helps you identify which lenders and products to research for best loan value.

Building credit history, registering to vote, paying creditors without default, protecting against credit fraud, and managing accounts responsibly achieves a healthy credit report and credit-worthiness.

Loan products can vary in loan amounts, loan duration, repayment terms, interest rates, and costs. Same day loans, which are generally small amounts, are often paid back with a month. But a longer personal loan could be repaid in several monthly instalments. By comparing loan products and lending practices, the best value loans can be obtained.

The practices of lenders and brokers in lending differs: such as the quality of customer support, marketing preferences, and hidden charges. PiggyBank is a payday loans direct lender which means we have no hidden fees, we will not share your information with other companies and our award-winning customer care team are there to help you if you have any problems.

Being honest on application and borrowing money responsibly through controlled spending and debt repayments enables you to develop a healthy financial profile for engaging in future life opportunities.