Being a Responsible Lender…

At PiggyBank, we pride ourselves on being a responsible lender. With a fair amount of negativity in the current press regarding payday loans, we are writing this entry to show that there are positives to payday loans, as long as they are used in the right way.

At the very beginning of the application process, prior to being approved for a loan, we conduct a fair amount of checks on each individual. Once those checks are approved, we can then consider lending to the customer. One thing we ask for from our customers is honesty. We are here to give people a helping hand, and aim to build relationships with our customers based upon trust. This means we are happy to lend on multiple occasions, and the customer knows they can come back to us if they need any further help at a later date.

As a responsible lender, we always encourage any applicants to borrow only what they need. This helps to ensure that although we are here to help, we are only lending what our customers can realistically afford to pay back over a short period of time. We strongly advise that our loans are not to be thought of as a long term fixture, and if you are struggling financially a payday loan should not be an option, as it is not a solution.