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Lending options – Great advice for those looking for a loan

Creditors lend individuals money to meet personal and business expenses.  By providing lending options, lenders give individuals financial flexibility to achieve their ambitions in life. People borrow money for home improvements, car or computer purchases, or to fund a holiday.  Providers tailor loans to meet individual priorities.  Getting the right loan for a desired purpose […]

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Getting Free Stuff

Working for My Financial Broker as a startup venture there are a few things that just have to be accepted. Some things are good, some, not so much. You have to accept that cash flow, especially at the beginning, is a little tight. This means that you need to have many hats so anything you […]

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The Beauty of Focus

What do I mean by the beauty of focus? To explain this I will have to give you a little back story. Whilst working for previous companies, both in short term finance and other disciplines, I found that there was little structure given to the daily process of writing software. Days quickly descend into meetings, […]

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