Your Guide To The UK’s Best Music Festivals This Summer!

Despite the disappointing news that Glastonbury is taking a break this year, festival-goers are flocking to ticket sites and camping stores to prepare for the UK’s festival scene. We’ve been spoilt for choice so far with the lineups for the UK’s festival scene this year. If you’re planning on mucking in with the crowds to see your favourite bands and artists check out our guide to the top music festivals this summer!

RiZE Festival, formerly known as V Festival

Virgin have ended their sponsorship of the festival, giving way to the brand new RiZE Festival. Headlining RiZE’s maiden year will be Liam Gallagher and Stereophonics, with the other great artists including Years & Years, James Bay, Rita Ora and Bastille.  

When: 17th – 18th August

Where: Hylands Park, Chelmsford

Tickets are available here


The biggest surf and music festival in the West Country is back this year with another mammoth lineup with the likes of The Chemical Brothers, Rag’n’Bone Man, Catfish And The Bottlemen and Annie Mac. As always there’s plenty of pro surfing and skating to watch too!

When: 8th -12th August

Where: Watergate Bay, Cornwall

Tickets are available here


One of the UK’s biggest dance festivals has a very tempting lineup this summer, including Major Lazer, Diplo, The Chainsmokers, Sigma and many more! These DJ sets are sure to keep you up late into the night, even over the four days it runs for.

When: 23rd – 26th August

Where: Daresbury, Cheshire

Tickets are available here


Alt-J, Solange and The Killers will be heading up this year’s Latitude festival. On top of this comedians Harry Hill and Joel Dommett are set to feature. The festival will also host an immersive light installation in the nearby forest with other acts and entertainment.   

When : 12th – 15th July

Where: Henham Park, Suffolk

Tickets are available here


If rock and metal is more your cup of tea, Download Festival lineup is huge this year! The headliners for the festival’s 11th year are Avenged Sevenfold, Alexisonfire and vintage rock acts Marilyn Manson, Ozzy Osbourne, and Guns N’ Roses.

When : 8th – 10th June

Where: Donington Park

Tickets are available here


Manchester’s big festival has got local hero Liam Gallagher, Chvrches, N.E.R.D, A$AP Rocky and Lorde amongst other big artists headlining this year.
When: 9th – 10th June

Where: Heaton Park, Manchester

Tickets are available here

Reading and Leeds Festival

Reading and Leeds is attracting more diverse headliners every year, with Kendrick Lamar, Fall Out Boy and Kings of Leon performing the main evening slots. Other big artists across the weekend include Travis Scott, Panic! At The Disco and Post Malone.

When : 24th – 26th August

Where: Richfield Avenue, Reading / Bramham Park, Leeds

Tickets are available here for Reading and here for Leeds

Isle of Wight Festival

The tiny island off of the south coast has hosted a massive festival since the 60’s! This year will be the festivals 50th anniversary, with Depeche Mode, Kasabian, Liam Gallagher and The Killers headlining.

When: 21st – 24th June

Where: Newport, Isle of Wight

Tickets are available here

Should You Relocate, Or Redecorate? These Signs Might Make Up Your Mind…

With the current housing market and sky-high costs associated with owning a house, many are glad just to be able to have one of their own. There is no better feeling than coming home to your own comfortable living space, but there are many things that can prompt you to want to move or make changes to your home.

Deciding whether or not to move can be difficult, especially financially, which is why it is important to weigh up all your options. With today’s costly property market along with a lack of available housing, redecorating and remodeling your home could be the better option for your circumstances.


Here are four signs you should either relocate or redecorate:

You can only afford to move if you stop going food shopping.

Obviously, not doing your weekly shop is practically impossible. But the point is that it would be unwise to move if the cost would force you to make harmful cutbacks in your spending. Although the grass may look greener in a new home if you put yourself in financial difficulty by relocating it may not be so enjoyable. This would also create an issue if you had a large unexpected cost and you did not have enough to pay because of the increased outgoings. If you find a surprise bill that your unable to cover before payday, you can apply for a quick cash loan with PiggyBank.

Verdict: Redecorate

You’ve outgrown the home, and now you’re too close for comfort.

If your family is growing and will likely continue to need more space then relocating will likely be the easiest and long-term most beneficial option. If you immediately need more room for young children, hobbies or even for work then moving is going to be the best choice. Rightmove has several useful tools like a school checker and an affordability checker.

Verdict: Relocate

Your current home is almost perfect, but you are running out of space.

Renovation requires a huge amount of time and money for planning and construction, which can be disruptive for many people’s situations. However, unlike the above situation, if you do not require space immediately and your house is already in the perfect location, then it is far more likely that renovation is the best option. Adding features such as a loft conversion or a garage will also increase the market value of your property should you want to sell!

 Verdict: Redecorate

You’re bored of your current home, but you have no need to move.

Finding an ideal location with regards to work, schools, family and friends for your home is incredibly important. But having a home that is a pleasure to come back to at the end of the day is also crucial. If that drab wardrobe or dingy paint job in the kitchen bothers you then it’s time for an update. Home painting is not only low cost but also it can make a huge difference in how clean, fresh and new your house looks. In addition, the change can occur over a matter of days.

Flatpack furniture is cheap and useful but it’s often lacking in quality and attraction. Donate the flatpack items to a charity or if it’s in fair condition sell it on eBay or Gumtree.  Once you’ve offloaded it, look for some sturdy second-hand furniture for a bargain!

Verdict: Redecorate

Redecorating and renovation can become expensive as you may uncover more issues that require fixing. If you find that you do have an unforeseen cost, PiggyBank is a direct lender that offers convenient payday loans in your time of need.

Forget The Flowers – Try These Alternative Mother’s Day Gifts!

Mother’s Day is coming a little earlier this year, so just in case it’s slipped your mind, March 11th 2018 is the date to remember. Flowers, though tried and tested, can be difficult to get in these colder weathers, and they’re not always suitable for mothers – especially those who suffer from hay fever or other pollen-related allergies. But with so many alternatives in this article, it would be surprising if you couldn’t find the perfect gift for your beloved mother this Mother’s Day.


She may only be a few weeks into lent, but surely your mother wont turn down these Thorntons Alphabet truffles! If you fancy writing a nice message (or not), you can even personalise them. 

Something personalised

Nothing says “I put thought into this” like something personalised specifically for your mother. Obviously, start with the card, and once you’ve found a suitable personalisation website, there’s usually a gift section you can browse. Coasters, mugs, glasses, notebooks… These are all items you can find on the web that can be personalised. Thinking of going the extra mile? Try something sentimental, like a framed photo of you and your mother.

Try Funky Pigeon or Prezzybox to get some ideas!

A hamper

Mums, because they work so hard, love feeling like they’re allowed to take a break. Fill a wicker basket with all of her favourite things: candles, a book from an author she enjoys, fluffy socks, perfume, and chocolate. Wrap it up nicely, and you’ll be sure to win extra points with her this year. If you’re a bit stuck with what to buy, take a look at these hamper sets.

Treat her to a day out

Whether your mother is an adrenalin junkie or partial to high tea, there are a range of available experience days on Red Letter Days. You could book a spa day, dine at the top of The Shard, or take to the skies with her for skydive!

Go Outside the box…

Warning – could be a risky one! Treat your mother to this mystery box, who knows what’ll be inside…

You’ll never guess, and neither will she!

Now that you have all of these ideas, it’s time to go out and find something that your mother will love this year.



What Exactly Is A Credit File, And How Does it Affect You?

You may have heard before that your credit file is important and that “you should really check your credit score more often”, but why? What makes your credit score so important, and how does it affect you? We’ll lay it all out for you.

piggy credit

What is a credit File?

A credit file is made up of all of the credit that you’ve taken out in the last six years. This includes information supplied by banks, building societies and even payday loan direct lenders such as ourselves. It demonstrates whether you’ve paid back your debts on time so that other creditors can decide how risky it is to lend you money.

Everyone has their own individual file, and you can check yours for free at Experian.

What Information Does It Have On it?

A lot of information is held on your credit file: such as your name, date of birth, and current and previous addresses. It also holds information from bank accounts in your name and any loans you’ve agreed to.

This includes:

  • Any past missed payments: this could be an unpaid balance on your credit card, missed rent, or failure to pay a monthly bill
  • Defaulted accounts
  • Any current debts – including credit card balances, payday loans and phone bills.
  • Court Judgements against you
  • If you’ve been made bankrupt or insolvent
  • If you’re on the electoral roll

How Does It Affect You?

By using the above information you are given a credit score. The higher your credit score, the better. Think of a credit score like a test: the more marks you get, the better your chances are of getting what you want. When you have a good credit score, it means judging by your credit history, you have a high probability that you will repay the loan within the stipulated time.

Therefore, if you intend to get a loan at some point, especially from institutions like banks, you need to work towards having a good credit score. A good credit score is, therefore, something that will make lenders trust you that much more.

This can even affect applying for a mortgage and rented property too.

Essential to note is that in most cases, different lenders calculate credit scores on their own. In other words, they make their own calculations. As a result, you might end up having different credit scores for different lenders. Though there are some lenders who offer “no credit check loans“,  it may be better, in the long run, to work on improving your credit score as “no credit check loans” are likely to charge higher interest rates.

All that matters is that all your credit score remains as good as it can possibly be.

Discover these tips and tricks to improve your credit score!

What You Need To Consider Before Buying Your First House

The average price for a property in the UK is £226,756 in 2017, according to the ONS. In the past year, housing prices have increased by about 5% for the majority of the UK, apart from Scotland who had a huge 7.7% increase. The currently inflating cost is not predicted to slow, so now is a good time to look into buying your first home.

But how do you get on the property ladder?

Do your research

It may sound overly pragmatic to suggest, but the first step to moving out is research. Use sites like Rightmove to assess where you’d like to move, what particular you’d need, and how much you can afford. It’s important to go for a walk around the neighbourhood to make sure your comfortable living in the area.

The key thing to remember is to be realistic. Unless you can afford it, don’t overstretch your budget for the sake of an unnecessary feature- we’d all love an indoor swimming pool but it’s generally not an essential!

Start filling up your piggybank

If you haven’t already stashed a fair few pound coins away in your ceramics, then now is the time to save! Becoming a homeowner is one of the most expensive things in life for many people – but it’s certainly not out of reach… even if you have a small budget. Sorting out your finances means you’ll have a clearer vision of what you can afford and how much your mortgage payments will cost every month. Use our blog to find out how to cut down on your monthly outgoings and save money!

Don’t forget to account for all the extra fees that come with buying a house, such as stamp duty, deposits, estate agent fees and so on. These costs can come out of the blue, which might leave you short for the month. If this happens PiggyBank can offer quick payday loans to cover your finances until your monthly paycheck is due.

Could a Help to Buy Scheme help you?

The Government is working very hard to encourage first-time buyers to make use of the Help to Buy schemes. The schemes aim to help you if you cannot get enough money together to afford the mortgage fees and deposits required for ownership. A Help to Buy ISA, for example, is a savings account that will give you an extra 25% of your savings to go towards the exchange deposit.

Make a suitable offer

Once you’ve found an ideal home, making the offer is nerve-wracking as it’s likely going to be the biggest amount of money you’ll ever spend. You obviously don’t want to overpay, so it’s important to negotiate. Important factors that may affect the price are:

  • Is the property in need of repair or redecoration?
  • Is the property in a desirable location i.e. near to good schools or good transport links?
  • Is the property likely to be impacted by a natural disasters like floods or coastal collapse?
  • Are there any big nearby building proposals like a motorway that could adversely affect the house’s aesthetic? Or are there any good developments like a shopping centre that would increase local convenience?
  • If you have no selling chain on your end, the buyer may be willing to take a lower amount to push the sale through.

Give yourself ample time to understand all the moving processes, and make sure you are financially ready for your first home. Make sure you repay any bad credit short term loans with high interest, you can then save more each month for a deposit.


Everything You Need To Know About The 2018 BRIT Awards

The BRIT Awards, which are often just called “The BRITs”, are an annual pop music award show, run by the British Phonographic Industry. The award is an acronym for “British Record Industry Trusts Show”, and there is a similar awards show for classical music, entitled the Classic BRIT Awards.

The BRIT Awards are going to be held on February 21st 2018, and will be returning to The O2 London for the 8th year in a row. During the ceremony, BRIT Awards trophies will be presented to winning bands and artists in various categories.

You can watch the event live on ITV from 6 pm ITV on February 21

Although, one particular scandal has gripped music fans, as Sam Smith hasn’t received a single nomination. The top two nominees are Ed Sheeran, who has spent the last year consistently topping the charts and battling with other artists for number 1 slots, and Dua Lipa, who is the only artist to beat him in nominations, gaining 5 thanks to her incredible album.


All the celebrities attending next week’s event will also be wearing a white rose pin in support of the #TimesUp campaign. This campaign is in aid of the recent high profile sexual misconduct revelations in the entertainment industry.

The nominees are as follows:

  • Ed Sheeran
  • Liam Gallagher
  • Loyle Carner
  • Rag ’n’ Bone Man
  • Stormzy
  • Dua Lipa
  • Jessie Ware
  • Kate Tempest
  • Laura Marling
  • Paloma Faith
  • Gorillaz
  • London Grammar
  • Royal Blood
  • Wolf Alice
  • The xx
  • Dave
  • Dua Lipa
  • J Hus
  • Loyle Carner
  • Sampha
  • Feels – Calvin Harris
  • Symphony – Clean Bandit
  • New Rules – Dua Lipa
  • Shape Of You – Ed Sheeran
  • Did You See – J Hus
  • You Don’t Know Me – Jax Jones
  • Mama – Jonas Blue
  • Strip That Down – Liam Payne
  • Touch – Little Mix
  • Human – Rag ’n’ Bone Man
  • Dua Lipa – Dua Lipa
  • Divide – Ed Sheeran
  • Common Sense – J Hus
  • Human – Rag ’n’ Bone Man
  • Gang Signs & Prayer – Stormzy
  • Ciao Adios – Anne Marie
  • New Rules– Dua Lipa
  • Feels – Calvin Harris
  • Symphony – Clean Bandit
  • Shape Of You – Ed Sheeran
  • Sign Of The Times – Harry Styles
  • Mama – Jonas Blue
  • Strip That Down – Liam Payne
  • Touch – Little Mix
  • I Don’t Wanna Live Forever – Zayn and Taylor Swift
  • Beck
  • Childish Gambino
  • Kendrick Lamar
  • DJ Khaled
  • Drake
  • Alicia Keys
  • Bjork
  • Lorde
  • Pink
  • Taylor Swift
  • Arcade Fire
  • Foo Fighters
  • HAIM
  • The Killers
  • LCD Soundsystem

This year’s BRIT Awards host is comedian and actor Jack Whitehall, so the awards are looking like they’re going to be an amusing night, full of quips.

There are several artists performing at the BRIT Awards, though, surprisingly, the headline act will be Justin Timberlake. Other performers include Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, and Stormzy, among others. Dua Lipa is set to join the stage on the night, as well, making the 2018 BRIT Awards a truly spectacular event.


We All Know it’s Pancake Day, But What Actually is Shrove Tuesday?

Shrove Tuesday, or more mouth-wateringly known as Pancake Day, is on the 13th of February this year. We all know you have an excuse to gorge on delicious pancakes for one day, but what is the reasoning behind Shrove Tuesday?

Shrove Tuesday is a Christian tradition where they ‘shrive’ themselves- which means to present yourself before a priest to confess your sins. The next day they commit to 40 days of fasting for lent in the run-up to Easter. Like Easter, the date of Shrove Tuesday each year.

During lent Christians do not traditionally eat rich foods including eggs, milk, or sugar, hence why a copious amount of pancakes need to be scoffed beforehand!

Pancake Day is no joke, the French recently had Nutella riots ‘spread’ across the country to get their hands on this tasty topping!

How do you make to make them?

There are actually lots of different types of pancakes from around the world, from the thick American buttermilk pancake to the Thai roti with condensed milk, and the classic thin French crêpe. 

If you fancy something a little bit different this year, try these alternative recipes for this year’s Pancake Day:

Austrian Kaiserschmarrn

This chunky pancake is cooked with raisins and then torn into lots of pieces before being served. It is also named after Emperor Franz Joseph who absolutely loved it; the translation of Kaiserschmarrn into English is ‘Emperor’s Mess’.


Thai Roti

You can find dozens of roti stalls on the various idyllic islands of Thailand. Unlike other pancakes, you make a sort of ball-shaped dough before stretching it out onto a hot plate to cook.


Or if you want to stick to a traditional British pancake, try this hack!

This video has gone viral showing how you can cook a regular pancake by heating the bottom of a frying pan then dipping it in the batter and cooking it over the hob. This looks flippin’ great!

What will it be this year, lemon and sugar, bacon and maple syrup, chocolate spread and banana?


Ten Gifts for a Tenner: Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Christmas has come and gone, and now it’s time to forget about the year’s next gift-giving season: Valentine’s Day.

Fortunately this time you don’t have to fret about buying thoughtless and secretly last minute presents from a petrol station on the way to visiting your distant family! February 14th is all about treating your dearly beloved, but make sure you treat responsibly with your finances.


As always, you don’t need to take out a bank loan to give a thoughtful present to your Valentine. If your bank account is still feeling the effects of the festive period there is still a way to spend a hard-earned tenner on ten different gifts to your partner. Enter the pound shop.

Here’s ten different, and importantly, loving gifts to buy for this year’s Valentine’s Day:

  1. (500) Days of Summer DVD: Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt opposite Zooey Deschanel, this nonlinear and off-the-wall romantic comedy reflects the highs and lows of their relationship.
  2. Galaxy Cookie Crumble: Suggest having a night in with a DVD and ensure your romantic evening isn’t without a sweet treat!
  3. Valentine’s Card: No Valentine’s Day is complete without expressing your love to your other half. For even more brownie points, try making a DIY card with a few scavenged materials and those colouring pencils you got from that hard-won Christmas cracker.
  4. 300 Silk Rose Petals: Set the mood in your love nest with a scattering of rose petals.
  5. Heart and Key Keyring: Give your love the key to your heart with this couples keyring.
  6. EAD Aftershave Set: For Him…
  7. EAD Perfume Gift Set: And for Her!
  8. Make a delicious meal for under £1: Surprise your other half with a simple but tasty homemade meal with StepChange’s list of dinners that are not going to break the bank with expensive ingredients. Each of these recipes works out as costing less than a pound.
  9. Women’s Faux Fur Fingerless Gloves: There will still be a winter chill this February, these furry mittens are a lovely gift that will keep you warm until Spring rolls around.
  10. Six LED Tea Candles: Turn off the ‘big light’ and set out half a dozen of these LED candles for your romantic evening.

Scatter the rose petals, set the table and plump the cushions for a loving evening with these treats. It will seem like you’ve put in a great deal of thought for a lot of gifts, and all for only a tenner!

For more information on long term lending contact today.


Giving Up These Things for Lent Will Save You Money!

Like millions of other people, you’ve probably overspent and over-eaten at Christmas. Fortunately, we are nearing Lent, a traditional fasting period for Christians that lasts for 46 days before Easter. Even if you aren’t religious, cutting back on your indulgences will save you money and also help you live a healthier lifestyle.

This year’s Lent has a romantic start on Valentine’s Day, the 14th of February, and ends on the 29th of March.

Lent starts after Shrove Tuesday, more gluttonously known as Pancake Day. The reason for abstaining on luxuries is to reenact Jesus’ suffering in the desert whilst being tempted by Satan. Obviously, you’re not expected to spend a month and a half fasting in the desert, but we can all use this time to curb our bad spending habits.

Here are four non-essentials you could cut back on to save money:

Quit smoking

An average pack of 20 cigarettes will set you back an astronomical £10.70. So if you go through five cigarettes a day you’ll save yourself around £130 by Easter!

stop smoking

If you use this opportunity to give up for good, you’ll save a massive £1000 after just one year, and you’ll be healthier to boot! Visit the NHS website to help you kick the addiction.

Give up the takeaway coffee, get a flask

Getting out the door in the morning can be a mad rush. Quite often there’s no time to make yourself a coffee, so it’s easier just to pop into a café to kick-start your day. Avoid buying your daily Starbucks cappuccino to save yourself around £90 a month.

save money on coffee

Buy yourself a stylish flask and get up two minutes earlier to make yourself a coffee to easily increase your savings. You could then use the savings treat yourself to a coffee machine, then there’s no temptation to go back to Starbucks!

Stop Binging on Netflix

It’s lovely to spend an evening with a hearty meal and re-watch Stranger Things for the third time. But limiting your time in front of the TV and spending an hour being productive could save you a huge amount of money.


Use Lent to decrease your monthly outgoings on bills by switching energy suppliers, making a bit of extra money on the internet, changing your phone and broadband contracts or swapping bank accounts. You’ll find you’ll be able to budget much more effectively over time.

If the temptation is too much, cancel your account for the month and you’ll save another £5.99.

Resist getting a takeaway

Cutting out weekly takeaways can help you save hundreds over Lent. If you’re easily persuaded to order a Friday night pizza deal and are buying lunch every day at work, you’ll spend around a whopping £210 per month on takeaways!

takeaway pizza

Slash the money you spend on food by preparing lunch at home the night before. Try cooking bulk amounts of food to freeze, so you can have it at a later date. Try making these meals that cost less than a pound to make.

Happy fasting from the PiggyBank team! We are instalment and payday loans direct lenders and offer £100 up to £1000 loans. If you’re in need of an online short term loan, apply today!

How To Earn Extra Money On the Internet

With the cost of living ever increasing but wages staying relatively consistent, we’ve all thought about ways, outside our 9-5s, to make some extra cash. Whether this is to go towards a family holiday, new car or just to cover the basic costs of everyday life, a second income can be hugely beneficial. It is often not feasible to take up another job and let’s face it, no one really wants to, so why not watch your pennies stack up from the comfort of your couch with a cuppa!?

nattanan23 / Pixabay

There are plenty of ways you can make and save money on the internet, and you don’t even have to be computer savvy. Here’s a few to get you started:

Sell your unwanted items on eBay 

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure- and people will pay for what they want. eBay makes selling your unwanted goods so easy. The site connects users from all over the world, and allows you to sell just about anything; from clothes and toys and even cars. Even if you think the items only worth a couple of pounds, it will add up and de-clutter your home at the same time! Don’t be a hoarder! Get some extra dosh for your used and unused junk.

Transcribe audio and video with TranscribeMe

Get paid for listening to audio and re-writing it- it’s that simple. TranscribeMe pays upwards of $20 per audio, so it can be fairly lucrative if you can type quickly! It is completely free to join, the only exception is that there is a short style guide to learn and a short entrance exam.

They pay via PayPal, which you can request at any time and you can work whenever you wish!

Earn money by internet searching with Qmee

Qmee works in the background of your internet browsing and operates as your shopping assistant by offering price comparisons and adverts for other deals.  You earn money by clicking on the links- usually 7 to 15 pence at a time. But as you continually use it you will rack up a bit of extra cash to claim back through PayPal.

Sell your pictures to Alamy

If you have a DSLR and consider yourself a half-decent photographer, you can sell your snaps to stock photo websites such as Alamy, which will then be sold to be used in magazines, online publications and adverts. You will then receive a cut of the sale price. You do need to have at least $50 worth of sales to request your money via PayPal or other alternatives.

 Fill in surveys with i-Say

It’s not the most enthralling way to spend your leisure time, but completing a survey here and there is easy money. Businesses and companies are desperate for feedback and are more than willing to pay for it, so offer your opinion in exchange for cash! Completing surveys will earn you points which you can then redeem for rewards such as Amazon vouchers and £50 prepaid Mastercards.

Doing two surveys a week or whenever you have some time to kill and you’ll quickly see your pounds mount up.

Use the internet for more than casual browsing and Netflix! Get your financial head on and you’ll benefit from the ample ways to increase your income outside of your working hours. It’s not difficult, it does take a bit of your time but at least you can do it in your favourite slippers! Happy earning!