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Going on Holiday Without a Credit Card: a Short Term Lender can Help


Holidays are expensive. You save up all year, buy your new clothes and sort out the travel insurance; suddenly you don’t have enough money for any emergencies or adventures.

Holiday Pay doesn’t Stretch Very Far

Even if you’ve held down a job for many years, you’ll soon find that holiday pay doesn’t go very far. Targeting short-term loan companies as a solution may be an option. Before you go on your holiday work out your budget. Only ever consider taking out a short-term loan if you can afford to repay the sum – and the incurred interest – on what you’ve borrowed.

Always Read the Small Print

Under regulations introduced by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) all short-term lenders have to publish their terms and conditions on their websites. This means that you, the borrower, will be aware of the sum you can afford, the repayment date and any additional fees. As long as you are in employment and have created a realistic budget, you’ll know whether you can afford to take out a loan or not.

You will find security in the knowledge that should something go wrong on your holiday, and you don’t have access to any other means of credit, a short-term lender could provide a solution. Any loan should only ever be taken out if other funds aren’t forthcoming. Borrowing from a short-term lender in an emergency on your holiday could give you peace of mind.