Adapt and Overcome

Interesting week, to say the least. This start-up journey is full of peaks and troughs.

We made a big decision this week that a minimum viable product is not right for the Piggy Product. Although I’m a great believer of MVP in traditional tech start-ups, for a financial product, it just doesn’t work. So it was time for a slight pivot. So instead of a MVP, we are now going to work towards a traditional V1/beta of the product. Although this will push back the go-live, it means we will be going live with what will be close to our final product.

So there were mixed feelings in the team. But this is all part of this amazing journey we are on; we all need to be receptive to the odd pivot and slight change of plan.

It was a big moment for my development as a CEO though. Collectively we were disappointed to have to push back the go-live and of course, any change leads to uncertainty. Uncertainty leads to fear, and fear leads to a loss of focus. Not good. But once we thought about what this V1 is going to be, the mood lifted and we continued on our merry way.

I’ve been a bit reclusive and distant from team this week. I realized that I can be quite a distracting influence. I love to chat about what we are all doing, understand every element that the team is working on, to run different ideas passed the team and I find it difficult to not think that what I’m working on is the most important thing. I’m so passionate about what I’m doing and I expect everyone to stop and listen to me.

The team are so focused and driven on the tech, that they don’t need or appreciate my distractions. So I’ve rationed myself to three interruptions a day. Of course, I’m always available for them whenever they need me. Luckily I’ve known Darren and Adam long enough that they can be honest with me, and they know my working style. But this needs to be worked on. I think things will become a little easier and more fluid in terms of creativity when we are under slightly less pressure.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time in the War Room, our creative and quiet space, this week, perfecting the app process and homepage. So I spent a couple of hours picking apart the process, researching and learning, feed these back to Chris and he designs them up. The process seems to be working well and Chris’ great skill and polish expands and improves my rough guidance.

So I guess to surmise, my big learning of this week is a variation of something I already knew already. Focus on the user and all else will follow. That also is the case when managing a team of people.

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