Building Our Team of Superstars

From the moment I knew Piggy Bank was a reality, there were only two people that I wanted to lead our technological software development, Darren and Adam.

I’d known Adam and Darren for nearly two years. We’d met at the Richmond Group and got on very well on a personal level, and had had some great results on projects we had worked together on.

The had both been at RG for a long time, and although were very happy with their current jobs, and were ready to take the step up to Technically and Architecturally leading a business.

They great thing from my perspective was that the both just got PiggyBank, could see the massive potential and wanted to be on the start up rollercoaster with me.

So that was the tech sorted, now we just needed a like-minded, focused and creative designer and front-end programmer. That is where Chris came in.

Chris and Adam had been friends for years, but I’d only met him very briefly at Adam’s wedding. In one of the many late night strategic sessions between Darren, Adam and Myself, we got onto the topic of designer, and Adam put Chris’ name forward. I had nothing to lose, so I decided to meet and speak with Chris. Three weeks later he was moving down from Nottingham to join the team.

This start up journey really is a rollercoaster!

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