What a difference a year makes

Well can you believe it? It’s been a whole year since the adventure began. What a crazy year it has been. Since leaving the comfort of a big company to join what was then just an idea, four guys in a small office in a small town, I am happy to report that our startup journey has been a lot of fun, a lot of learning and a series of high and occasional lows.

The first months at Piggybank were crazy, arranging meetings researching suppliers and partners to help us launch our product. Juggling balls and spinning plates was the norm and to a certain extent still is. As you can imagine, we have had to run a tight ship. Keeping the costs down and donning various caps. But we launched our product and things were good, we had done what we had set out to do. We were getting visits we were signing up customers and things seemed to be going well. At this time we were invincible.

Its not all peaches and cream though. We have had setbacks, we have pivoted and we have had to learn on the job. There have been times where we have been over-confident in both our abilities and what our product was capable of. Hard fought lessons that have made us stop and re-evaluate. These times were the hardest and these were the times where many bowls of pride have been swallowed. Although these times have frustrated us these have also been the times of our greatest triumphs. Forcing us to make the hard choices that in hindsight have made us and our product stronger.
From our initial concept discussions we have stayed true to our course and have been able to strip back bloat using the experience gained at other establishments to produce a lean, fast moving environment. We are still in our infancy and as time goes on there will be more frustration and learning and our hat stand still holds many caps for us to put on. I would urge anyone who has an idea and the means to follow it through to do it. The startup journey is not for the faint of heart but fortune favors the bold.

Where are we now? We now have a great set of partners, we have a product that we are immensely proud of and a growing team of superstars.

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