In the beginning… PiggyBank Start up Journey

So after months and months of planning, scoping and funding, I was stood in my own office, with nothing for company except a blank whiteboard. I was there, the start of my very own start up journey.

My vision and my dream were finally becoming a reality, and my emotions were everywhere. I had chosen to walk away from a great job, working with a very inspiring group of people, on a very exciting product. My career and my future would metaphorically live and die by this decision.

They say it’s lonely at the top, but I felt so far from the top. I was on top of the world that I was about to make PiggyBank a reality, but felt like a climber looking up at Everest; excited and buzzing, but with an enormous amount of intrepidation about the challenge that lay ahead.

I’d been planning this for months. I had my idea, I had my Directorial team, I had my Operational team, I had my offices. Now I just needed to make the first operational step to make my dream a reality. I had one single thought, that if I followed, PiggyBank could only be successful- focus on the user and all else would follow.

This blog will detail The PiggyBank start up journey, our learning’s and articles relating to the product and the finance industry.