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The Great Supplier Debate


In a small tech start up, you will need to outsource or buy in some areas of your business or technology platform. Unfortunately, it is necessary to get the agility and speed that is required in a start up environment. You can’t do everything in house, and frankly, in some cases, why would you want to?

At PiggyBank short term loans we use a multitude of different suppliers for different elements of our business. For example one supplier provides our payout mechanism, one supplier provides our hosting, one supplier provides our SMS send, and so on and so forth.

At PiggyBank we split our potential suppliers into three categories when we are discussing which solution is best for us:

Known entities

These are suppliers that we have first hand experience of using or working with.


These are suppliers that one of our peers have used, have had a positive experience working with and have given us an introduction

Google Roulette

These are suppliers that we have found on Google.

Most of our suppliers tend to come from the first two categories, but we have had the odd gem through Googling. Google is supposed to deliver the most relevant search results after all 😉

But how do you know that your chosen supplier is the most fit for purpose for your business before you sign up with them? Well, unfortunately you can never know for sure. But there are a few things that you can do to see if they will cut the mustard: