It’s been a Journey

I joined PiggyBank in June 2012, a few months into its start-up journey and what a journey that’s been. One of the many benefits of joining a start-up is the opportunity you get to create processes.

There’s that all too familiar feeling that you get starting a new job, where you’re being trained to follow processes that the previous person put in place, that are laborious and illogical. I joined PiggyBank before the customer service process even existed, giving me a fairly unique opportunity to plan everything to be as simple as possible.

Working for a start-up forces you to put simplicity at the forefront of your planning process, because you just don’t have the time or resource to make things complicated. Ironically, with all simplicity, comes complication. I’ll never forget the first PiggyBank call I took, where I had to ask a developer to look up the data protection details directly from the database. Because until we had our first phone call, there was no argument for us to allocate resource to start getting that system built.

We’ve come a long way from that first phone call. To start with, a user friendly and lean customer admin tool has been built to the requirements of our customer service process – not what we thought we may need. And of course, there’s the fact that we’ve grown so much that I now have a wonderful team of 6 looking after our customers with me.

In true start up rollercoaster style, there have been great days, not so great days and plenty of late nights; but from my first day at PiggyBank, what I loved instantly were the people and the relaxed and friendly ethos of the business. It’s refreshing that over 8 months down the line and despite all the growth and changes along the way, that still remains. It may only be the company’s first birthday, but I have no doubt this will continue to be the case, for many birthdays to come.