Week one on the start up rollercoaster

Week one (or week three since I left the safety net of working for someone else, or week 27 from when I first came up with the concept of Piggy…) of the start up journey has been and gone.

It’s been a fantastic week all in all. Great to have Chris and Adam join me at PiggyBank HQ, but still four working days until Darren comes to join the team. The office is looking fantastic, but still not totally finished, and Piggy seems to be coming along very nicely. Actually, we seem to be really cooking on gas!

My first week of ‘being’ a CEO has been interesting. It really is amazing how many different ‘hats’ you have to have in a start up. From being the CEO, to being a marketer, to being an assistant designer, to being a removal man, to being a cleaner, I have done it all this week, and I wouldn’t have it any other away.

To give an idea of the polar opposites of this week, I spent a couple of hours on Wednesday talking high level finances and plans for the future with one of our directors. Later that day, once the team had left, I hoovered the floor, cleaned the kitchen and bleached the toilets. At the moment, we need to watch expenditure, so the cleaning falls to me. But it’s amazing how many great ideas and solutions to problems I had when I was cleaning. It really shows that if you step out of your comfort zone, think about something else, a solution will always come.