A Year in the Life

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I helped start up DJS UK Limited, the company behind Piggybank. What a journey it has been.

I am not a front man, so I am not as well known for my blogs as I am for my fumbling with words. My role at PiggyBank is to ensure our Product remains competitive and agile. This isn’t a customer-facing role, but I am responsible for our customer-facing site amongst other back-end systems and processes that feed into and use our Product.

Our site is where I wanted it a year ago; attractive, usable, little support and it performs. Typically, the back-end architecture, which was planned and scoped, isn’t far off what it is today. Not only that, but some of the best people from the top credit checking agencies to third party suppliers have commended our business process. High praise indeed!

The early decisions we made were based on experience, common sense, scope, time and cost. These led us to make the right decisions. The initial plans and systems went though a vigorous iterative process with the CEO and IT Director, and very little was left to chance. However, there is always uncertainty, and we’ve been head to head with it and we have always, in DJS style, done our market research or sought after intelligence to support our decisions.

So, sounds like a holiday right? My main gripe over the last year is releasing software very quickly. Not just once a day, but occasionally several times in a day.
We will squeeze changes into the day if that will ultimately help our customers. Testing and managing change was difficult at the early stages, which caused several unhappy meetings. These meetings always ended well though. We drive our success from our failings and improve what we do, and with each mistake we improve and get better at what we do.

Our CEO, Dan Ware is very meticulous. This action of almost OCD has positively spread across our systems and as faults are found, resolutions are found even quicker. House keeping is very important to PiggyBank. From our code, to our transactions everything must be to Dan’s expectations. This is sometimes hard to deliver, as Dan expectations only ever grow.

The PiggyBank team has grown considerably since the beginning, when we were four guys in the office. We are now up to 15! The sense of team ethic is embedded into the grain of PiggyBank. We take the time to listen to each other and help each other deliver. We aim to be as transparent as possible to provide clear information to each other. The by-product of this is that our customers are constantly aware of the changes occurring within PiggyBank and the ever-growing list of options we offer to our customer base.

Being at the core of a start up is challenging and rewarding in equal measure. But it will only ever get better, especially with the foundations Dan has helped to lay. All I can hope is that we become everything Dan and the team hopes, and that PiggyBank becomes a household name and crushes it competition.