The Start-Up Journey: Year One

Working at a start-up has been a fantastic experience, witnessing the talent and drive that everyone here shows has been a constant inspiration, and working within a structure that doesn’t require each of these people to report to seven different bosses is pretty nice, too.

The High Point
Experiencing the process of designing and building our very first product, PiggyBank. Starting out with a very loose design idea we all put forward our thoughts and opinions on how things should look, why they should be that way, and how it would help us as a business. What really surprised me about this is that there were never any arguments, falling outs or loss of tempers. I wouldn’t say I’m one for rose-tinted glasses, either.

The Low Point
Being a little too trigger-happy with releasing a marketing site and the fallout of that… whoops, but still, live and learn!

Overall though, there’ve been many ups and downs throughout the months, from parachuting Piggybanks to Piggybanks learning about the dangers of football, Piggybanks flying planes without a license, and Piggybanks with jetpacks. Who knows what’ll happen next, maybe they’ll go sailing?