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10 Things To Ask Alexa For A Pick Me Up

It’s exciting to have a new gadget to play with, learning all its features and capabilities. What makes this experience even more enjoyable is if this new gadget comes with its own AI, as is the case with the Amazon Echo. The Echo features its very own personal assistant called Alexa. Alexa is on hand […]

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Don’t Be Afraid to Take Short Cuts

It has been said before that the best coder is a lazy one (Jeff Atwood). A lazy programmer tries his hardest to avoid writing monotonous code and always wants to find the path of least resistence to solve a problem. Writing software, especially early in the process can be dull. This is the part of […]

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Getting Free Stuff

Working for My Financial Broker as a startup venture there are a few things that just have to be accepted. Some things are good, some, not so much. You have to accept that cash flow, especially at the beginning, is a little tight. This means that you need to have many hats so anything you […]

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