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Don’t be afraid to take short cuts

It has been said before that the best coder is a lazy one (Jeff Atwood). A lazy programmer tries his hardest to avoid writing monotonous code and always wants to find the path of least resistence to solve a problem. Writing software, especially early in the process can be dull. This is the part of […]

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Why we moved into the cloud

Here at My Financial Broker we have made the choice to put our infrastructure into “the cloud”. A fashionable term at the moment. You will find short term lenders and payday loans companies masquerading as “tech” firms banding this term around. Like them we took a long hard look at how we were going to […]

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Getting Free Stuff

Working for My Financial Broker as a startup venture there are a few things that just have to be accepted. Some things are good, some, not so much. You have to accept that cash flow, especially at the beginning, is a little tight. This means that you need to have many hats so anything you […]

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The Beauty of Focus

What do I mean by the beauty of focus? To explain this I will have to give you a little back story. Whilst working for previous companies, both in short term finance and other disciplines, I found that there was little structure given to the daily process of writing software. Days quickly descend into meetings, […]

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