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Why we moved into the cloud


Here at My Financial Broker we have made the choice to put our infrastructure into “the cloud”. A fashionable term at the moment. You will find short term lenders and payday loans companies masquerading as “tech” firms banding this term around.

Like them we took a long hard look at how we were going to let our lovely customer service their short term lending needs in the most robust way possible. After all, you don’t want to get halfway through something and see this kind of thing…

So what do cloud servers provide that traditional hosting or Internal systems don’t give you? In short, elasticity. With the cloud (at least the one we have chosen) you get; Lower IT cost, no onsite hardware, built in ability to scale, and in comparison to traditional onsite IT it is much greener.

With My Financial Broker systems living in the cloud we can manage the costs of our services on a much finer grain that onsite systems. We are able to increase or decrease the number of servers and services we use when the demand goes up, or down. This means that we only pay for what we use rather than having servers gathering dust. Lower costs for us means cheaper short term loans.

A greener alternative?

As the servers we use are virtualized in a data centre, you get more servers for your hardware. This means that there are fewer machines eating electricity… Here is a handy infographic that explains more

Rackspace® — [INFOGRAPHIC] How Cloud Computing is Saving the Earth
Rackspace® — [INFOGRAPHIC] How Cloud Computing is Saving the Earth

At My Financial Broker we are using the rackspace cloud www.rackspace.com