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After months of hard work, we are pleased to announce that we have launched a brand new website. The new website has been designed with you in mind; providing the best user experience, with improved functionality and ease-of-use throughout, making sure you can get all the information you need, when you need it.

Every single part of the new website has been tested multiple times to ensure we can give our customers an even better experience, whether it’s the first time visiting the site or if you are an existing customer of ours. We loved the old website and so did our customers, but it is always important to always improve and do things better.


Every page has been simplified to make everything easier to understand and it is now even simpler to navigate through the site. We have added a new section for reviews, to show you how our customers feel about the service we provide and we also give you the opportunity to review our service. Transparency is a key part of our we operate as a business and so it is important that everyone who comes to our site can see what other people think of us.

PiggyBank Reviews



We have also completely overhauled our blog section and split it up into three sections. We talk about everything that our customers may be interested in, from money saving tips, to how to treat your kids on a budget. There are a lot of people who run startups, or who want to start a company and so we have two sections on the kinds of technology we use and how we managed our startup journey.

PiggyBank Blog



Our FAQ section has also been updated with lots of new questions and answers. We always want to give our customers different options to get in contact with us to ask questions regarding applications queries or if you have a live loan. However we also want to enable you to get the answers you want from our website. Split up into three categories, you can now get the answers to almost everything directly from the FAQ’s.

PiggyBank FAQs

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