How to Get a Cheap Long Haul Flight in 2018

The far corners of the world are becoming increasingly closer to the UK thanks to the dozens of airlines running affordable long haul flights. On top of this air travel is changing rapidly due to technological advances and high customer expectation of the airline’s service. Explorers and holiday-makers are now able to head off to the far reaches of the globe for under £500 for a return ticket with meals, the option of a VIP lounge and the convenience of electronic boarding passes.

Here are some of new the 2018 long haul flights from the UK (click to enlarge):


Technology and customers go hand in hand, with the universal adoption of smart devices there has been a focus on offering services such as inflight Wi-Fi and entertainment packages to keep passengers amused for hours on end. Some flyers cannot afford or are just not interested in some of the optional luxuries that are available, therefore airlines are increasingly offering budget tickets for their customers. In fact, according to the European Traveller Insights Report 2017, the average price of long haul flights fell by 7% last year.

Decreasing flight prices are reflected by the omission of some of the commonly expected inclusions such as paying for hold luggage (the checked in baggage), inflight meals and even airport tax. A solution to getting around the baggage conundrum is by squeezing your clothes into a carry on trunk, which is possible by being savvy with your packing technique. As for the food you can simply bring food to take through security instead of purchasing the heavily inflated airport grub.

As with everything today, there are many options to choose from with foreign travel and many comparison sites exist to bring you the best deals. These are the best websites to help you get a bargain ticket for your next long haul flight:

  • Kayak – This comparison site also includes searches for hotels, car hire and package deals.
  • Skyscanner – Similar to Kayak, this also advertises monthly deals and has no hidden website costs.
  • Travel Supermarket – As well as a comprehensive comparison between travel prices, this site also compares important costs such as insurance and airport parking.
  • Skycheck – A very simple website created to easily find a bargain flight.
  • Google Flights – Google’s new comparison site allows you to select an interest such as winter sports and compare deals and destinations based on that interest.

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