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Everything You Need to Know About Black Friday

Everything You Need to Know About Black Friday
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Black Friday! The best time to do your shopping… or is it? This phenomenon, which originated in the USA, has already become well established in the UK since it first introduced by Amazon in 2010. As it has evolved over time, the event has also extended in length (now the discounts last around a week or two) and increased in popularity.

When Is Black Friday?

Black Friday is on the Friday following Thanksgiving in the US. This means the date changes from year to year – Thanksgiving is on the fourth Thursday in November. Bear in mind though that many retailers start the sales up to two weeks prior to the event.

This article will give you some basic information about this largely hyped event. Read more to find out what to expect, where to shop, and what to be wary of.

What to Expect

Black Friday is the opportunity for retailers to out-discount one another, so expect to be bombarded by appealing deals. In fact, 91% of stores offered discounts last year. However, the most important thing to remember is that the majority of these discounts are not actually good deals.

Which? has found that only four of the 83 products they studied last year were actually cheaper during other times of that year.

How To Prepare

Recent research shows that most shopping will be done online and this is where you’ll find the best deals. However, it is advisable to make sure you compare retailers and purchase items only from trustworthy sites. You can use sites like PriceSpy to check whether you’re getting the best deals.

Unfortunately, before Black Friday it would be good to tighten your belt and save as much money as possible. If you plan out a budget and items you actually need, you’ll be more likely to not overspend.

Best Offers

Nab the best deals. Look for offers like “Buy 2 get 1 free”. Obviously offers such as the one above, will make you spend more money during that particular purchase, however you get things for free, saving you money in the long run. Just make sure the objects you buy are actually things you need and you won’t be manipulated into overspending.

What to Focus On

Think in terms of characteristics that you like in a potential purchase rather than a specific model. It might happen that the item you originally wanted won’t be heavily discounted, but you will find a cheaper similar version. You will prevent yourself from feeling disappointed when you focus on the features you are looking for opposed to particular objects. Here are a few key things to remember

Try not to impulse buy
Check the prices during other times of the year
Always check multiple review websites

Where to Do Your Shopping

What Black Friday deals can we expect, and which retailers are a safe bet for the best discounts?

Check out Amazon and their own brand products such as: Kindle, Fire TV and Echo. There will probably be a massive price drop on electronics. You can expect for both new products as well as second hand items on eBay to be dirt cheap. Argos will be another store where you will find discounted toys, tech and home wear.

The best discounts last year included iPhone 7, Nintendo Switch and let’s not forget Samsung Galaxy S8 therefore, we would recommend focusing on expensive technological appliances to get the best bargains.


Some companies offer cash back when you spend money in stores they partnered up with. Check out websites such as Quidco. It’s worth noting that signing up might be beneficial not only during Black Friday but as a general way of getting cashback and vouchers.


In the UK your purchases are covered by the wealth and consumer protection laws. These act both on and offline. However, you have to keep in mind that this legislation might be hard to enforce if the purchase was made outside of the EU. You also have to be cautious of phishing sites and other forms of fraud. If something doesn’t seem quite right, it’s best not to go forward with the purchase. Make sure your anti-malware software is up to date, if you are shopping online.

Black Friday can also get quite intense in stores where some shoppers literally fight for their desired products. Please be mindful and avoid places which clearly are too packed and have poor crowd control.

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