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Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Deals on Cyber Monday

Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Deals on Cyber Monday
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Cyber Monday, also known as the day of double discount bargains, is taking place on Monday 26th of November. This online sale (hence the name ‘cyber’) is the best opportunity to smash out your shopping list and spend the lowest amount possible.

Everything from fashion, electronics and even flights are subject to discounts. Even though some stores will keep the same bargains running from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, other shops will further reduce the price tag, to get rid of any remaining stock.

The complete guide below will show you how best to shop on Cyber Monday. It includes smart shopping tips and tricks and some of the retailers that will get involved!

Think Cyber Week

Thinking about Cyber Monday as just one day event is over, now it’s become an entire week! That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t focus mostly on the 26th, however, you can expect to see discounts for the whole week. This is a perfect chance for those who like to contemplate long and hard upon their shopping choices. You can have a good think before buying anything, preventing any unnecessary splurging.

Social Media Platforms

Many retailers are not only selling on their website but also on various social media platforms. Therefore keep your eyes peeled on your favourite retailers’ social media for additional sales opportunities.

Better Safe Than Sorry

We always recommend you check the retailer’s policies before making any purchases. You can even have a quick look at the terms and conditions to see their return policies etc. This way you can also find out more about their shipping fees, which sometimes can make or break a good deal. Consider adding to your basket if this will reduce the shipping fee as this might be more economic in the long run.

Fake deals

Sometimes a product sounds too good to be true or the deal wants to sound good, but in reality it’s a scam. Just because it claims to be a discount it might not be necessarily be, so compare different retailers before you settle. You might also want to see the prices of your desired products before Cyber Monday starts to see how much cheaper they really get!

Holiday Gift Guides

If you’re looking for presents rather than items for yourself, gift guides are great to focus on. If you don’t know what to buy for your vegan, hippie aunt or what sort of toys your 5 year old niece would like, gift guides created for Cyber Monday could be exactly what you need!

Up-Sells and Add-ons

Look for opportunities such as: “Buy 2 Get 1 Free”. You don’t want 3? That’s fine, just give it to a friend! To make sure you don’t miss out on any discounts or deals check out content for early shoppers available on your retailers’ website or social media. Besides following your desired retailers on their online platforms, you can also take advantage of Pop-ups. Many of us are prone to ignoring those mildly irritating ads, however, sometimes they can contain further deal opportunities.


Below, you can find a list of the 7 most famous Cyber Monday deals and retailers:

  • Amazon is most likely to offer the best discounts on its own brand products like: Alexa, Kindle and Fire tablets.
  • Electronics such as TVs, laptops, and mobiles will also be on sale.
  • There will be plenty of reduced price products from the likes of home, beauty, and fitness.
  • Currys are definitely going to host some big sales.
  • eBay will likely run some very competitive deals.
  • Apple will probably get involved again this year – however, don’t expect very heavy discounts.

Do not take out a mobile phone contract in the days before Cyber Monday, as prices will drop massively.

When it comes to making the most of Cyber Monday, preparation is key. Research the products you want to buy well in advance rather than splashing out on a whim. Make a clear plan of what you actually need and don’t go for every “deal” out there.

So get your credit and debit cards ready as it could be the last chance to bag a bargain before all the November discounts end!


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