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It’s The Year Of The Pig, Find Out Your Fortune


Were you born in 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983 or 1995? This means your Chinese zodiac sign is the Pig and 2019 is your year! Keep reading to find out all you need to know about your fortune,  what brings you good and bad luck according to your zodiac animal as well as how to celebrate the New Lunar Year.

Chinese New Year Celebrations

Since its foundation over 3,800 years ago, Chinese New Year also known as the spring festival has grown in importance and popularity in China as well as across the globe. It’s a grand celebration that starts on the first day of the lunar calendar (this year it’s on the 5th of January). 


The “Reunion Dinner” which is the New Year’s Eve feast known as (年夜饭- Nián yèfàn) is one of the most important traditions in celebrating the new year. It originates from the myth of the monster Nian which terrorized villages and forced people to hide in their homes preparing elaborate meals to appease the gods and their ancestors. Therefore, a lot of pride and care goes into preparing the food for these festivities. Here are some of the most common items you’ll find on the table:

Spring rolls

Spring rolls





Steamed Fish and Meat

Chinese food


Chinese New Year activities can be divided into two sections: the private and the public.


Private celebrations include: putting up new year decorations, family feasting, firecrackers and fireworks, exchanging gifts and red envelopes. These envelopes usually contain money and are the symbol of good luck.


In the public domain you can experience: street parades and performances, including the dragon and lion dance. There are plenty of little stores set up during this period that offer traditional foods and beverages. It’s a public holiday including many lanterns and lucky colours decorating the streets.

Lion Dance


New year, new clothes! The festival is a time of change and new beginnings and it’s a Chinese tradition to remove the old and embrace the new.  Furthermore, new clothes can protect you from evil spirits and bring you good fortune.

The good news is you can wear anything you like, there are no special requirements. However, if you want to wear something more stereotypical opt-in for a Qing dynasty outfit, like a Tang suit or a Qipao.

Chinese outfit Pig’s Personality

If you were born in the year of the pig as you animal sign, you are most likely a diligent, compassionate, and generous person. Your strong points are: great concentration, helpfulness and independence. However people with this zodiac sign are less likely to suspect trickery and are easily fooled.

Generally speaking pigs are realistic, calm people who enjoy entertainment. Despite being a little materialistic they work hard for what they purchase and they don’t have tendencies to over-spend.

Chinese pig


Things that bring pigs luck:


Unlucky things for pigs:

Lunar year

Professions For Pigs

Charity work as well as fundraising is the perfect profession for a pig who is calm, seeks harmony and compromise. People born on this year are gentle, patient and understanding, that’s why they make great teachers and coaches. However, 2019 isn’t the optimal year to be changing carers if you’re a pig.

Pigs will have a small setback in their professional life this year. Everything will improve once you gain motion. For entrepreneurs, it’s a good year to develop their businesses. The last months of 2019 are the best time for pigs to achieve their goals.

If you were born in the year of the pig, you will experience a good financial year. Pigs will do well in their investments and can expect some great rewards.


2019 is a lucky year for male pigs in their relationships. Female pigs on the other hand will find it harder to find a suitable partner and should not be surprised if they experience a lack of progress in that department.  The best matches for pigs are: Goat, Tiger, Rabbit. These zodiac signs are the most compatible with pigs as they can easily form a deep connection and appreciate the pig’s qualities. For pigs who are already in a relationship it is important to focus on communicating their desires to their partners.

This year will be perfect to find out what you are looking for in a partner if you are a pig. The lack of drama in the relationship this year will give you the opportunity to focus on your friends and making new connections.

New Year

The year of one’s zodiac sign is their 本命年 (ben ming nian). It is a special year for their sign with both ups and downs. If you were born in the year of the pig you will have the opportunity to consult some reoccurring problems this year and perhaps finally find a solution. In order to bring as much good luck as possible to your year, it’s a good idea to attend happy events such as weddings or family gatherings.