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Do You Have a Small Fortune Hidden Away in Your Attic?

Do You Have a Small Fortune Hidden Away in Your Attic?
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It turns out those boxes of junk you’ve refused to throw out for years might be worth a lot of money to the right buyers online.

If you make the journey deep into your attic by braving the dust, spiders and Christmas decorations you could find a couple of retro hidden gems that are worth a tidy sum of money. Here’s some popular items to look for:

Pokemon Cards

For most people in their twenties, the Pokemon international craze likely had you collecting cards and pestering your parents for booster packs – or maybe you were the parent being pestered!

Turns out, your cards could be worth thousands of pounds thanks to phenomenon making a comeback. Depending on the condition, a Charizard can fetch anything from £40 to £1,000, Blastoise from £30 to £1,000, and the complete base set from £100 to £2,000+. Here is a useful link to live Pokemon card prices.

Apple iPhone (First Generation)

The iPhone was originally released on June 29th 2007, but avid collectors are paying a premium to own a piece of smartphone history. Unboxed you can typically sell from anything between £100 to £500, but if you’re lucky enough to have a sealed version you can be getting £3,000+.

LEGO Sculpture Sets

We’ve all played with a LEGO set or two in our time, but enthusiasts are lining up to snap up rarer past releases, including the “sculpture exclusive” sets of popular architecture such as the Taj Mahal, Statue of Liberty and the Disney Castle. Some have been seen going for £1,000 a set.

Beanie Babies

The late 1990’s saw Beanie Babies emerge as a major fad with many seeing them as an “investment”, but the bubble eventually burst. However, collectors today are still interested in some of the rarer first edition Beanie Babies and are paying up to £1,000 for them. Here’s 5 of the most valuable:

  • Princess
  • Peanut (Royal Blue)
  • Brownie (Korean tag)
  • Patti (Magenta)
  • Pinchers

Star Wars Memorabilia

Toys made in 1977 for the original Star Wars film have rocketed in price over the last few decades. The original character figurines can sell for a pretty penny if they’re in good condition. The R2D2 figure can sell for £300+, Han Solo for £600+, Leia for £600+ and the highly prized Darth Vader figure can sell for… over £8,000!

Broken Electronics

You might have some old broken electronics taking up space, but you can still sell them for a tidy sum. Websites like eBay have thousands of broken electronics for sale that people use for replacement parts such as swapping batteries and screens around. A broken iPhone 6 for example can net you £80 to £100 and a broken PS4 can net you £50 to £100.

You could be sitting below a goldmine – so why not have a rummage through your old boxes and see what hidden gems you can find? We’ve also compiled a helpful guide on how to sell your unwanted items if you’re on a money saving mission.

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