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These Proven Hacks Will Help Keep You Cool In The Heat!

These Proven Hacks Will Help Keep You Cool In The Heat!
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The windows are wide open, the freezer’s chocka with icy treats and that noisy fan is almost certainly keeping you up at night. It’s been a hot few days, and now the MET Office is promising the heatwave to continue into the weekend. It’s going to be a hot one, so use these proven hacks to keep cool!

Unplug Your Electricals

Televisions, phone chargers and other cables can kick out a lot of heat when they’re plugged in. So if you can help it, charge your phones in another room at night to keep your bedroom cooler! Turning off your plugs will also save you money on your electricity bill.

Make Drinks Colder with a Wet Paper Towel

When you’re ready to crack open a cold one, there’s a really neat way to get your drinks chilled quickly. Grab a paper towel, wet it, then wrap it around your beverage of choice and put it in the freezer. The wet towel will cool quicker, thus providing you with an icy drink in 30 mins!

Don’t Overdo It With Antiperspirant

You might give yourselves an extra roll or couple of sprays to save yourself from sweat patches, but science says this will make you feel warmer!

The deodorant will actually clog up your sweat pores, which exist to help you keep cool.

This Large Inflatable Pool is a Bargain!

It’s not exactly a hack, but even a short spell of hot weather gives us Brits an excuse to get the kit off and have a paddle. If you’re not close enough to the beach or an outdoor lido, this 10ft inflatable pool is a great alternative! It’s an absolute bargain at £59.99 and will keep the kids entertained all summer.

Wear Clothes With Natural Fabrics

Naturally occurring fabrics such as cotton are much more breathable than man-made materials such as polyester.

Synthetic materials have water-repellent fibres, which means that sweat will build up. This causes that familiar itchy and uncomfortably hot sensation.

Stick Your Lotions And Moisturisers In The Fridge

It’s important to keep your skin healthy day-to-day, but it’s crucial to keep it protected on a sunny day. Storing your moisturisers in the fridge will stop them from turning into a sludgy mess!

This will also make applying them lovely and cooling!

Avoid Wearing A Backpack

No one likes the dreaded backsweat after removing a backpack, causing those unfortunate straplines. Having that weight on your back will also cause you to heat up more.

Instead, try using a tote bag or one that comes across your body to help you avoid getting too hot!

From One Brit to Another, Drink More Tea!

You may have heard this one before, but drinking a hot drink will actually cool you down. It seems completely counter-intuitive, but science has proved it, and there’s no arguing that!

As you drink a hot fluid and become warmer, your body will compensate for this and cause you to sweat more. The sweat will evaporate and cool the skin down.

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