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15 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

15 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas
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Despite the fact that the date stays the same every year, it can be easy to forget about Valentine’s Day! Perhaps you’ve been busy, or are always a last minute shopper when it comes to gifts. Regardless of the reason, if you’re looking for some inspiration, look no further! We’ve come up with 15 Valentine’s Day gifts you can pick up last minute, and shouldn’t break the bank:

1. Flowers

Sometimes you can’t beat a classic. Around Valentine’s Day, just about everywhere sells bouquets of flowers – you’ll be spoilt for choice. Hopefully, you’ll know your partner’s favourite flower, though if the bouquet is pretty, it probably won’t matter too much which arrangement you opt for!

2. Jewellery 

Another classic Valentine’s Day gift is jewellery. Of course, you will need to consider your partner’s personal taste when it comes to buying jewellery, but it shouldn’t be too hard to pick out something they’ll love. If it’s not completely last minute, you could even get a message engraved on the jewellery, such as a quote or a significant date in your relationship.

3. Massage Oils

Who doesn’t like a nice massage? Get some scented oils, and promise your date a month’s worth of massages – with absolutely no grumbling on your part! And if you’re looking for something a little more exciting, did you know that you can buy massage guns? These come with different heads, which allow you to give a deep tissue massage – probably a bit of a step up from a back rub!

4. Gift an Experience 

If your valentine is the sort of person who truly values experiences over physical objects, why not give them memories to treasure? Groupon offers loads of experience days, as well as lovely gifts like an afternoon tea for two, or chocolate bouquets. And if you’re not confident that you’d pick the right thing, you can buy an experience from Tinggly. You can buy an experience or getaway gift, and let your partner choose which one they want.

5. A Travel Guidebook

Does your significant other love to travel? Although a holiday would be a fantastic gift, vacations are usually pretty expensive! Instead, you could buy a travel guidebook, and give it to your partner with the promise that you’ll save up together to go to the destination. If you’re really organised, you could create a budget, so that you’ll have a timeframe as to when you’ll get to go on your next adventure.

6. Beer Gift Set

Does your partner like trying new and exciting beers? A simple Amazon search will present you with tons of options for beer gift sets, including those which feature beers and lagers from around the world. Most of these sets are just over £20, and often come with a free beer glass that your valentine can keep once the beer has all gone!

7. Personalised Scrapbook

Years ago, when you wanted to make a scrapbook, you had to print out a bunch of photos, carefully cut them out, and stick them in a book. If you were feeling adventurous, you could add some embellishments and fancy writing too. But these days, you can order a photo scrapbook online, and they don’t take very long to make! 

8. Bath Bombs and Shower Steamers

If your partner enjoys taking relaxing baths (and who doesn’t?) then there are tons of scents and designs available. Lush have a wide range in store and online, and you know that all their products are vegetarian and cruelty free. Most supermarkets sell things like bath bombs too, if you’re really rushed for time! Of course, not everyone has a bath, which is where shower steamers come in. These tend to emit rejuvenating and calming scents, and are usually very pretty!

9. Movie Themed Gifts

While most of us don’t tend to buy DVDs anymore, as we can just stream films and series, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a classic movie night at home. So you could make up a box of all the essentials – popcorn, soft drinks, sweets and chocolate – as well as a few other surprises. For instance, you can buy scratch-off posters, with the top 100 movies everyone has to see. This would be a great way to plan future movie nights!

10. Monthly Subscription

Want a thoughtful gift you can buy within minutes? A monthly subscription is a great choice – and it doesn’t just have to be to their favourite magazine. You can get subscriptions for all sorts of things these days, including books, socks, gin, wine, cheese, and chocolate. Whatever your partner is into, you’re bound to find a suitable subscription online!

11. Spice it Up

If your valentine is a fan of cooking, why not treat them to an interesting set of spices? This could be a great way to experiment together in the kitchen, trying out new recipes. You could always accompany the spice gift set with a recipe book, which calls for more exotic ingredients.

12. Tea and Coffee Gift Sets

Is your partner a tea lover? Perhaps they’re obsessed with coffee? Maybe they prefer hot chocolate? Don’t worry, there’s a gift set for everyone! From delicate loose-leaf tea blends, to rich, aromatic coffee, and decadent hot chocolate, you can find these sets online or in a number of larger stores. Even supermarkets sometimes sell this sort of gift set around Christmas and Valentine’s Day!

13. Snuggle Up

It’s almost impossible to have too many blankets. So this Valentine’s Day, why not treat your partner to a snuggly blanket you can curl up under together. Weighted blankets can almost feel like you’re getting a hug, so are the perfect gift if you can’t be there in person on the day. Electric blankets are also a good choice if you don’t have one already! Just remember that, while soft pinks and vibrant reds are the colours most people associate with Valentine’s Day, this blanket will be around for longer than that. So make sure you match the colour with the rest of the decor instead!

14. Cheese and Wine Night

Your Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. If both you and your partner enjoy things like cheese and wine, you could buy an assortment of these things, and have your own date night. If you’d like to make it a little more special, you could also pick up something like a heart shaped chopping board!

15. Say it With Succulents 

Some people aren’t a huge fan of flowers – perhaps due to allergies, or maybe because flowers don’t last that long. So instead, why not buy your significant other a succulent? These are usually pretty, easy to maintain, and not too expensive. You can’t really go wrong!

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