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Forget The Flowers – Try These Alternative Mother’s Day Gifts!

Forget The Flowers – Try These Alternative Mother’s Day Gifts!
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Mother’s Day is coming a little earlier this year, so just in case it’s slipped your mind, March 11th 2018 is the date to remember. Flowers, though tried and tested, can be difficult to get in these colder weathers, and they’re not always suitable for mothers – especially those who suffer from hay fever or other pollen-related allergies. But with so many alternatives in this article, it would be surprising if you couldn’t find the perfect gift for your beloved mother this Mother’s Day.


She may only be a few weeks into lent, but surely your mother wont turn down these Thorntons Alphabet truffles! If you fancy writing a nice message (or not), you can even personalise them.

Something Personalised

Nothing says “I put thought into this” like something personalised specifically for your mother. Obviously, start with the card, and once you’ve found a suitable personalisation website, there’s usually a gift section you can browse. Coasters, mugs, glasses, notebooks… These are all items you can find on the web that can be personalised. Thinking of going the extra mile? Try something sentimental, like a framed photo of you and your mother.

Try Funky Pigeon or Prezzybox to get some ideas!

A Hamper

Mums, because they work so hard, love feeling like they’re allowed to take a break. Fill a wicker basket with all of her favourite things: candles, a book from an author she enjoys, fluffy socks, perfume, and chocolate. Wrap it up nicely, and you’ll be sure to win extra points with her this year. If you’re a bit stuck with what to buy, take a look at these hamper sets.

Treat Her to a Day Out

Whether your mother is an adrenalin junkie or partial to high tea, there are a range of available experience days on Red Letter Days. You could book a spa day, dine at the top of The Shard, or take to the skies with her for skydive!

Think Outside the Box

Warning – could be a risky one! Treat your mother to this mystery box, who knows what’ll be inside…

You’ll never guess, and neither will she!

Now that you have all of these ideas, it’s time to go out and find something that your mother will love this year.

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