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Birthday Gifts that Show You Care


If you are feeling the pinch, or simply want to save for a rainy day, why not think about making your own gifts and cards for that special someone’s birthday this year? It will not only save a small fortune, but will also really show how much that you love them. It’s likely to be a lot more fun than trawling the shops for gift ideas as well!

Birthday cards can be a tad impersonal, but not if you take the time and effort to make them from scratch. Why not look through your old photos on your computer and find one that means a lot to both of you? You can easily use any of the myriad of online paint style programs to add the personal touch. Just imagine their face lighting up as they open the envelope and all of those magical memories start flooding back!

Making a gift may not be quite as straightforward, but the result will certainly be worth the investment of time that you are prepared to make. You don’t need to be an artist to draw a portrait, just use a good portrait photo, and spend some time getting the lines and shading just right.

The point is, so long as you show that you care, and have taken the time to produce a truly bespoke birthday card and gift, it will be a sign of love that they will never ever forget! Who knows, maybe they will return the favour when your birthday comes around?

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